Welcome To MPCO Magnetics

MPCO Brand is the abbreviation of Magnetic Products Co.,Ltd. which be found in 2003, MPCO focus to consistently develop revolutionary magnet technology, we gain a great reputation from our clients with environmentally & safety magnets production, strictly quality control, professional custom manufacturing and excellent customer service.

As a privately owned company, we are in control of our own destiny and able to make the long-term R&D commitments that are the driving force behind our innovations. We firmly believe that this dedication to continuous development will enable us to make your work easier and more efficient for many years to come.

Who Is MPCO Magnetics Inc.

MPCO Magnetics Inc. (Magnetic Products Co.,Ltd.) is a Manufacturer focus on magnetic field for about 15 Years.
MPCO Magnetics Inc. offers the most quality, premium products and the newest market news for customers. Also help customers to extend business. MPCO’ mission is to help customers success through products and service.

MPCO Magnetics are sure to provide the best permanent magnets, magnetic assemblies, magnetic tools, products and service to every customer, since we have the most wonderful staff in the world!

With the help of our extraordinary customers, we are growing all these years, it’s time for us to grow your business!

Sintered and bonded NdFeB Magnet is over 400 tons
SmCo Magnet,Sintered and Cast AlNiCo Magnet is over 100 tons,
The assembling magnets components over 800000 pieces
ISO 9001:2008 Certified;
CE Products Approved;

Environmental & Safty Approved;
*Inspections tools for a variety of dimensional and visual inspections
*Magnetic testing equipment for measurements of Field Density and Field Strength
*Hysteresisgraph for magnetic characteristic measurement
*Variety of associated equipment for electronic and performance evaluations

Main Production Equipment:
CNC Turning and Milling machines
Sinker and Wire EDM
High Energy Magnetizers
Blanchard and Surface Grinding
ID and OD, and centerless Grinding
Production and precision cut-off equipment
Sheet metal fabrication equipment
Variety of metal joining equipment

Testing Devices For QC:
Salt Spray Test Machine
BH-Curve Testing Device
X-Ray Thickness Tester
PCT Test Machine
Hast Tester

Join our growth as a distributor of MPCO Magnetic products.We are looking for companies who can offer:
– Influence over local market
– Creative promotion strategies
– Established distribution channels

As a MPCO Magnetics Business Partner, you can look forward to the following benefits:
– Sustained innovative products
– Certified quality
– Professional business support
– Distributor pricing

Whether you are new to the world of magnets or need no introduction, please don’t hesitate to contact our Team a call or Email if you have a question. Submit your request by contact form

  • 100% automatic full-inspection, personal error is reduced, realizes zero-defect before shipment
  • Precise detection, the accuracy doubles than that of manual gauss meter
  • Customizes individualized brand as per customers’ needs, reduces procurement cost for users
  • ESPEC magnetic-steel drying oven from Japan, realizes timing auto off
  • Partial products are discharged, magnetized and sorted automatically
  • State-of-the-art automatic magnetic declination detecting instrument in the world, 100% full-inspection
  • Analyzes and detects data automatically and finds rules ahead of controlling molding and sintering stage
  • R&D equipment by itself in line with customer’s assembly characteristics
  • Possesses perfect qualification of system certification

Magnet Production Equipment

MPCO Certificates


Customer Testimonial

Karine Turcotte
Karine TurcotteCanada
In our state, we have four distributors. We have found since the change to using MPCO magnetic products, they have lasted the other competitors hands down. Customer satisfaction 100%.
Andrew Cunningham
Andrew CunninghamUK
I am a dealer in London. In using MPCO’s magnets we have saved ourselves a lot of downtime and money! Service above and beyond what I ever imagined – you are an example to the industry. Thank You so much!
Kevin Moore
Kevin MooreU.S.A
Quality products and friendliness is why I chose to work with MPCO Magnetics. It just felt right. You were very easy to work with. The whole experience has been great and I am very happy with your products.