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  • True North or Magnetic North

True North or Magnetic North?

True North or Magnetic North? More than once, out hiking or paddling, I followed my instincts (the campsite is right over there!) rather than my map and ended up off course. Good pilots and navigators trust instruments over instincts. Compasses point at magnetic north. Scouters have assumptions or impressions about Scouting. True North or [...]

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  • Magnetic Reversals poles hift

Magnetic Reversals

Magnetic Reversals - Scientists tell us that our magnetic poles have reversed in the past, and that they will again. The last one occurred 780,000 years ago. The average time period between reversals is 450,000 years, but there isn’t really any pattern, it is random. We are overdue by average only. Scientists don’t really know [...]

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  • Magnetic_North_Pole_Positions

Magnetic North Pole

Magnetic North Pole Basically, the Magnetic North Pole is where a compass points. This is not the northernmost point on the globe. It is a point in the Arctic that is always on the move, reacting to magnetic changes in the Earth’s core. Every few years scientists venture into inhospitable territories to locate the pole. [...]

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  • Radical New Maglev Elevators

Radical New Maglev Elevators

Radical new maglev elevators that travel in ANY direction could lead to super skyscrapers far taller than today's buildings Technological innovations have allowed us to build skyscrapers to great heights But people still don't live in skyscrapers the way futurists had envisioned This is because elevators are only able to go up and down, and [...]

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