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  • Magnetic Applications


How often should I be cleaning my magnets? CLEANING MAGNET This is another question that is dependent upon your individual process. Obviously the more metal you receive or produce in your process, the more frequently the magnets need to be cleaned. A general rule is the more frequently, the better. As a magnet gathers ferrous [...]

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  • Magnetic Applications


MAGNETIC APPLICATIONS Magnets magnetically capture and control ferrous contaminants in material process systems. Primary Magnets Primary magnets are designed to be used in high volume process flows placed inline so as not to introduce any foreign contaminants from external sources into your production facility. They will remove large amounts of ferrous tramp between cleaning cycles [...]

  • permanent magnet

How long should my permanent magnet last?

Your permanent magnet should lose no more than 1% of its magnetic strength over a period of 100 years provided it is specified and cared for properly. There are a few things that may cause your magnet to lose its strength: HEAT Heat above the maximum level rated for the magnet material in your separator [...]

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  • magnetic field

Magnetic Fields

Magnetic Fields What is a magnetic field? A magnetic field is quite simply the area around a magnet in which its magnetism can affect other objects. If you were to be able to see a magnetic field, you would see lines called lines of flux that show the direction of a magnet’s force or field. [...]

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  • Type-C-Magnetic Circuitry Applications

What is Magnetic Circuitry?

Magnetic Circuitry is simply how the magnet is designed to attract and retain ferrous contaminants. MPCO utilizes 3 magnetic circuits; Type A, Type B, and Type C. Type A Circuitry Type A circuits can be used in applications where the highest level of product purity is required. The circuit utilizes a tube, or a series [...]

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  • Permanent Lift Magnets

Permanent Lift Magnets

Permanent lift magnets are made for lifting and moving metal of all various shapes and sizes. These magnets speed up the process of moving heavy metallic objects by eliminating the need for more time consuming methods such as chain lift systems. Their electricity free design means that your load will stay in place even in [...]

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Square Base Magnetic Holding Device

Square Base Magnetic Holding Device A solid platform for mounting your manipulators Ideal accessory for optical tables and vibration-free platform Choose size: 65x65 mm (501653 ), 45x45 mm (503569), 90x90 mm (503570) or 120x120 mm (503571) See Details for part numbers and descriptions Part# Description 501653 Magnetic Base, 65x65 mm 503569 Magnetic Base, 45x45 mm 503570 [...]

  • Threaded Pin Holding Magnets

Threaded Pin Holding Magnets

Threaded Pin Holding Magnets, Neodymium holding magnets with threaded pin of different sizes and pull force are included within this category. Every holding magnet have zinc coating. Neodymium holding magnets are NdFeB magnets cased in steel. They are characterized by higher strength than the magnets (they are also more durable - even if the magnet [...]

  • Spreading magnets

Spreading magnets

Spreading magnets or Metal plate spreaders facilitate a safe and efficient removal of the steel plates from a pile. The magnetic flux of the spreader, generated by anisotropic ferrite magnets, penetrates individual plates causing that they are pushed away from each other. The gaps created between the plates allow removing them in an convenient way. [...]

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  • Taxi Sign Mounting Magnets

Taxi Sign Mounting Magnets

More Promotional Car Magnets, Taxi Sign Mounting Magnets, Car Roof Top Magnets The Taxi Sign Mounting Magnets car roof top magnet is designed for applications where high shear strength is required with minimum scratching. The car roof magnet is a magnetic clamping assembly with a soft polyurethane coating or plastic coating. It clamps securely to [...]

  • Standard Magnetic Security Screwdriver

Standard Magnetic Security Screwdriver

Standard Magnetic Security Screwdriver This magnetic screwdriver is capable of holding any 1/4 inch hex driver inserts. The magnetic tip aids application and there is also a storage compartment in the bottom of the driver to hold your most regularly used bits. The handle of the screwdriver is designed with grip in mind - ridges [...]

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  • Wall-Mounted Magnetic Phone Mount

Articulating Wall-Mounted Magnetic Phone Mount

Articulating Wall-Mounted Magnetic Phone Mount I've been debating mounting a TV on the ceiling above my bed. The only reason I haven't done it is because of a fear of being crushed by a falling TV while I'm sleeping. This design allows me to watch Youtube, Netflix, or other streaming video while I'm falling asleep. [...]

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