3D low power magnetic sensors

The sensor offers accurate three-dimensional sensing with extremely low power consumption in a small 6-pin package. Capa­ble of detecting the magnetic field in the x, y, and z-direction, the sensor is ideally suited for the measurement of:

For consumer and industrial markets

Thanks to its small package and low power consumption, the TLV493D-A1B6 can be used in new applications, replacing potentiometer and optical solutions. Featuring contactless position sensing and high temperature stability of the magnetic threshold, this system con­cept keeps getting smaller, more accurate and more robust.

 3D low power magnetic sensors

3D low power magnetic sensors


3D magnetic sensing
Integrated temperature sensing
Low current consumption0.007 μA in power-down mode
10 μA in ultra-low power mode
2.3 V to 3.5 V operating supply voltage
Digital output via a 2-wire standard I2C interface
Bx, By and Bz linear field measurement up to ±130 mT
12-bit data resolution for each measurement direction
Resolution of 98 μT/LSB
Operating temperature range from -40°C to 125°C


E-meters e.g. anti-tampering
Joystick e.g. finger, thumb, hand joystick
Control elements e.g. white goods, multifunction knob