42 Strange Things Salvaged with Powerful Magnets

You are standing on the wooden pier by the lake, calm and serene. The wind ruffled your hair and you can’t help but think, in this moment, you are completely healed. Just then, someone was standing by the muddy lake, dragging a huge set of rusted armor out of the water. The treasure is right under your nose and you don’t even know it! Welcome to the world of magnet fishing – here are some amazing discoveries from people.

42 Strange Things Salvaged with Powerful Magnets

42 Strange Things Salvaged with Powerful Magnets

Use a magnet to pull up a safe with lots of medals in it! (And then found the master!)

What? It’s a suit of armor!

Fixed that old axe my son and I found while magnet fishing.

Magnet fishing on the third day with my son and we found a vintage pistol!

Apple Watch! The owner declined my offer to return it.

I found a terrible mortar

an entire chassis

My biggest takeaway so far.

My favorite treasure so far!

A fisherman’s classic catch!

So many cowbells!

My sister remodeled this stove I hooked up with a magnet a few months ago

After an hour of magnet fishing I caught a sign

Found while “magnet fishing”

This is my new favorite discovery!

Pull up my first phone! !

magnet fishing

Well, today was unbelievable…it took 8 hours to pull it up!

My catch today!

Drift tricycle! ! ! best find

Found the gun safe today!


Our first outing, I found a mailbox!

My buddy Don and I went magnet fishing the other day….he started the day with a grenade

The first computer caught

My wife sucked a machete!

Found a Harley-Davidson today!

find the lost fence

This is the 1861 Navy revolver! ! ! Everything even still works!

Very clean!

The two mg42s I found in my latest video even have the original stock on it and come with bakelite grips.

Best catch so far. I found a cannonball!

This is one of our favorite finds, a very old possibly 18th century eel spear. Has anyone else ever found something so ancient?

I caught a fish with a magnet. It also had a fishing hook hanging in its mouth.

My best find of 2022 so far! Took over four hours to scoop it up!

A friend took us to a place he believed was the surrender of German troops to the Allies. His grandfather told him that some Allied soldiers collected all the lost and left equipment and dumped it in this nearby pond. Well, it seems he was right 🙂

3 safes found today! 2 unopened, open tomorrow!

Magnet fishing is great fun. The next day, I found a sword! Hope is more than just a decoration.

Found a Victorian key the other night

gosh please help me i stuck a magnet to a cast iron pan and i cant get it off

Today’s magnet fishing boat, I’m proud it can balance on its own feet 🙂

Guys, can you bring your magnets and help me get this out? I think it would be valuable in the scrap yard

1500lbs Two Side Round Retrieving Salvage Magnet

350lbs One Side Disc Treasure Searching Magnet

350lbs One Side Detecting Permant Neodymium Beginner Magnet

Neodymium Double Sided Fishing and Retrieving Magnet in River Sea

440BLS*2 Double Ways Round Fishing Metal Recovery Detect Magnet

Powerful Retrieving NdFeB Fishing Magnet

Strong NdFeB Recovery Magnet

Powerful Neodymium Recovery Salvage Magnet