5 Tips Introduction of NdFeB Magnet Production Process

1. Forming orientation:
Process introduction: The function of orientation is to turn the easy magnetization direction c-axis of chaotically oriented powder particles to the same direction to obtain the maximum remanence. The main purpose of compaction is to crush the powder into a certain shape and size, while maintaining as much as possible the grain orientation obtained in the magnetic field orientation. We design to use a forming magnetic field press and an isostatic press for secondary molding. For special-shaped magnets, special mold tooling is used for direct molding. The sintered magnets can be put into use after a little surface treatment, which greatly saves materials. And subsequent processing costs.

Process equipment: magnetic field press, isostatic press

2. Sintering:
Process introduction: Sintering is a series of physical and chemical changes that cause crushing at high temperatures. It is a simple and inexpensive way to change the microstructure of the material to improve the magnetic properties of the material. Sintering is the final forming process of the material, which has an extremely important influence on the density and microstructure of the magnet.

Process equipment: vacuum sintering furnace

5 Tips Introduction of NdFeB Magnet Production Process

5 Tips Introduction of NdFeB Magnet Production Process

3. Mechanical processing:
Process introduction: The neodymium iron boron magnets obtained after sintering are all blanks, which require further machining to obtain products of various sizes, sizes and shapes. Because NdFeB magnets are relatively brittle and have poor mechanical properties, they can only be processed by grinding and cutting.

Process equipment: surface grinder, double end grinder, chamfering machine

4. Surface treatment:
Process introduction: Surface treatment of rare earth permanent magnets of various shapes, such as electrophoresis, zinc plating, nickel, nickel copper nickel and phosphating, etc., to ensure the appearance and corrosion resistance of the product.

5. Finished product inspection and packaging:
Process introduction: The products are tested for various magnetic properties, corrosion resistance, high temperature properties, etc., and packaged after reaching the standard to meet the various needs of customers.

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