5G Technology Microwave Ferrite Magnets, Gyromagnetic ferrite 22.5X35mm for 5g coaxial, waveguide, microstrip devices, Isolator and circulator in 5G base station

Innovations brought by 5G technology would have more impacts on our daily life in the Post-epidemic Period, include intelligent security, self-driving technology, VR/AR, and telemedicine, thus it could be argued that 5G technology are becoming an important engine for national economy development and social informatization. Besides 5G Samarium Cobalt magnets, 5G microwave ferrite has also attracted lots of attention.

Ultra-dense Networks (UDN) is a key technology to enhance data flow of future 5G network. The realization of UDN technology must to massively increase the number of 5G base stations. 5G base station utilizes a large number of isolators and circulators. Each amplifier in base station amplifier contains several isolators to ensure mismatch protection.

Isolator and circulator in 5G base station need to satisfy low volume and loss. Its consistency of performance, temperature stability, and power durability should be more ideal in the meanwhile. As the core component of isolator and circulator, 5G microwave ferrite, also known as g need to have low electromagnetic loss, relatively higher Curie Temperature and consistency of performance. The massive growth of 5G base station is also accelerating a huge rise of isolator and circulator. Then correspondingly, demand for 5G microwave ferrite has increased geometrically in the last two years.

5G Technology Microwave Ferrite Magnets

5G Technology Microwave Ferrite Magnets

Microwave ferrite magnets can generate constant magnetic field to control electric current so that microwave signal is amplified and information can be smoothly transmitted. Microwave magnets are widely used in magnetrons, cathode-ray tubes, isolators, circulator, etc. These electronic components are commonly applied in radars, satellite communications, remote control systems, electronic tracking, electronic countermeasures, etc.

In recent years due to success in the field of microwave electronics a lot of devices of different applications were produced. The prospects for future development of microwave systems with predetermined characteristics are mainly assigned by ferrite choise. However the choise of a material for a concrete application in microwave technique is a complicated task, as there are different requirements to different parts of microwave band. Among main characteristics of ferrites suitable for high frequencies are:

At the expense of high specific electrical resistivity (ρ >106 Ом·sm) ferrites are characterised by low dielectric losses at high frequencies tgδ=10-2÷10-4).
Dielectric permittivity ε‘ (about 10-15)
Thermal stability in a wide temperature range
The high activity is being determined by the value of minimal bias which is essential for required nominal parameters providing.
Saturation magnetization, M s; 4πMs (400-5000 G)
The width of resonance curve 2ΔH is one of the main parameters characterising properties of ferrites applied in high-frequency band. The yttrium-iron monocrystals exhibit the minimal value 2ΔH =0.3-0.5 Oe. The width of resonanse curve of polycrystalline ferrites varies from 30…40 to 800-1000 Oe.
Microwave ferrites and ceramics are being produced on the base of pressed powder sintered at high temperatures. After thermal sintering the items can be smoothed and/or polished. Company produces items with different forms. Dimensional allowance at mechanical treatment is ±0,025 mm. In spite of standard variants of performance it is possible to produce cores in accoradance with sizes and customers drawings.

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