7 points to consider when choosing efficient shuttering magnets for precast wall production

Does the magnet work with all possible shuttering materials? (efficient shuttering system)

It is wise to be prepared for other materials than the one you’re currently using; otherwise it is quite likely that you will be facing a big – and costly – hassle in the future. Therefore, choosing a system that is compatible with all commonly used materials, including steel, plywood and aluminum, is a safe bet.

What is the weight of the system?

If your shuttering is heavy, you will always need a crane to move them – which means that you will have to wait for crane availability, and lose precious time and money while doing so. So, you’ll save a lot of time if you go for shuttering that is as light as possible, meaning around 4 kilos per meter for the height of 150 mm, as then you can easily and safely move them, without any equipment or tools. For the very same reason – easy handling – choosing the lightest magnets possible, and ones that are not permanently attached to shuttering, is a smart decision. efficient shuttering magnets

choosing efficient shuttering magnets for precast wall production

choosing efficient shuttering magnets for precast wall production

Can the shuttering system meet most element thicknesses?

Stepless adjustment to different wall thicknesses is a big plus. Again it saves time and of course money if you can handle most thicknesses with one and the same frame system. For example, MPCO shuttering system can handle thicknesses from 70 – 500 mm, with accessories even up to 800 mm. efficient shuttering magnets

Do you need additional tools to attach magnets?

If you need a hammer, a box wrench, screws or similar to attach the magnets, it of course means an extra step in the building process – and every step takes time. So, it’s best to skip jigsaw puzzles and go for simplicity – a magnet that works as it is, without any extras. efficient shuttering magnets

Is there a possibility for adjusting orthogonality?

Are you using old tables? If yes, the surface plate may not be as straight and even as it once was, which may have an effect on the orthogonality of the side forms. You can correct this with shuttering – but only if your system is equipped with an adjusting screw. Elematic shuttering system offers a possibility for adjustment within 89 – 91 degrees.

What kind of window molds are good?

Precise design, guaranteed 90-degree-corners, and, once again, lightness of the molds are the features to go for. You can find a 1×1 m window mold that weighs less than 20 kilos and is guaranteed to hold its 90° corners in the MPCO shuttering system, for example. The corners and connectors in that system are cast aluminum parts that fit to all different profile heights with a universal T-bolt connection (H = 99, 119, 149, 199 mm…).

What is the availability of the products you are using?

Does the supplier hold stock for quick delivery of products? Do they have stock in the same continent? If yes, it is easy for you to get new items, replacements or spare parts to the system without long waiting times.