A Complete Solution for Efficient Shuttering Construction

MPCO MAGNETICS has managed to design a real all-round solution for shuttering construction by the latest enhancement of its Multi Magnetic Form system. For the first time, it is possible to realize shuttering heights of up to 60 cm on the tilting table and/or on circulating pallets. Now, it is just necessary to have one shuttering system for a wide production line of wall and floor elements up to beams, columns and bars.

Set-up processes in precast concrete manufacturing are time-consuming and cost-intensive. In particular, for the production of special components complex shuttering structures are necessary, which are often made of squared timber boards or multilayer boards. The traditional shuttering construction retains qualified personnel and thus, swallows up high expenses. In addition to this, considerable costs and expenses thereby account for material and disposal of shuttering timber. If it could be managed to simplify the set-up process remarkably, then the processing times may be shortened reducing manufacturing costs at the same time. This performance requirement in mind, MPCO designed the shuttering carrier system Multi Magnetic Form as a link between the classic timber shuttering and the modern magnet technology MagFly. This connection is easy to achieve by Multi Magnetic Form: in the first instance, a wood board or particle board is screwed to the shuttering carrier. Due to rear side fastening the shuttering shell remains undamaged. Now, the MagFly magnets can be inserted in the shuttering carrier and the entire system can manually be adjusted on the shuttering table with millimeter precision. The magnets are finally fixed to the pallet and/or tilting table by pressing the same by hand or foot. The result: remarkably shortened shuttering construction, high precision, appreciable relief for the workforce and considerable saving of material, as extensive stiffening and bracing of the shuttering is no longer necessary. MPCO provides two different types of shuttering carriers. Multi Magnetic Form type 1 consists of a high-grade steel frame, on which a shorter shuttering panel (e.g., as inner stop-end panel of an opening or window recess) can be fixed. The Multi Magnetic Form type 2 is a C-profile of steel with flush-mounted mold parts, being manufactured in lengths of 82.5 cm up to 3 m. The shuttering carriers are available in ten different profile heights starting from 98 mm. With the newly added profile heights of up to 498 mm the system is unique all over the world. Now, the system realizes shuttering heights of up to 60 cm in an easy and time-saving way. Due to the elaborate design the robust Multi Magnetic Form system gets along with low weight. In order to arrange even handling of large-scale shuttering elements as easy as possible, for dimensions starting from 398 mm the shuttering carrier is fitted with loops for carrying the crane load hooks. In addition to this, the Ningbo-based engineers have conceived a smart fastening and/or locating device which secures the shuttering at the upper edge and thus ensures an exact dimensional accuracy. In this way, manufacturing tolerances can be minimized even in case of large shuttering heights and concrete pressures. There is already great interest for the enhanced Multi Magnetic Form system coming from countries of the Eastern CHINA  region, especially from the precast concrete industry in CHINA, which has been developing quite dynamically for the time being. In CHINA the monolithic skeleton construction of reinforced concrete is traditionally important, however a trend towards applying precast concrete components can be noticed at present. Thus, the manufacturer is challenged with the fact to realize efficient manufacturing concepts for a wide range of structural elements. For manufacturing bars, beams, columns, floor slabs and large-scale precast wall panels the combination of Multi Magnetic Form shuttering carriers and MagFly magnets is very well prepared, because all elements can be manufactured quickly and in a cost-saving way in just one shuttering system. The first users of the all-round system of MPCO could already assure themselves of the productivity gain due to this state-of-the-art technology.

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