About MPCO Magnet Factory

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MPCO Magnetics Co.,Limited focuses on the manufacturing and solutions of magnetic materials & permanent magnet components. We adhere to the “people-oriented, resource optimization, value sharing, sustainable management” business philosophy. Here, engineering elites with more than ten years of industry experience can provide you with more economical, fast and professional services:

1. Supply all kinds of permanent magnet and magnetic components.

2. Provide optimization solutions in the field of magnetism

3. Ensure quality through effective quality assurance core tools (TS / 16949: APQP, PPAP, FMEA, Massa & SPC)

4. Provide a complete set of simulation and test to ensure the reliability of the product

5. The internal logistics department will provide more economical and efficient freight service.

With the development of the market. Because of its unique advantages such as space saving, stable operation, energy saving, permanent magnet is more and more widely used. We are looking forward to be your long-term partner in need and trust!

About MPCO Magnet Factory

About MPCO Magnet Factory

Quality assurence

ISO / TS16949 (2002).

It has passed the strict audit of many automobile customers (hirshmann, dura, EFC, etc.).

Successfully developed many magnets with many world-class automobile customers for BMW, audio and other high-end automobiles


Quality depends on Design (including product design, process design and system design on both sides)

Quality depends on execution

TQM continuous improvement (CIP)

Quality assurance process:

Advanced product quality planning — Analysis (failure mode analysis) — Verification (product part approval procedure, process statistical control, measurement system analysis) — improvement (test design, brainstorming, etc.) — control (process statistical control, standardization)

Reliability requirements for magnet application in automobile field:

1. Generate a stable magnetic field at a specific location in space (with good repeatability)

2. In the alternating working environment of high and low temperature, the magnetic field changes little (it is necessary to compare the magnetic flux at 24 hours under normal working temperature with that before the experiment)

3. Under the alternation of hot and cold, the magnet has broken mechanical properties (the magnet needs to be verified by thermal shock test)

4. The coating must have high corrosion resistance (verify the weight loss of magnet with high-pressure pot test)

Special Ferrites / Custom-Build Ferrite Shapes

What is a High (Super) Strength Magnet?

Steel Chamfer and Magnetic Chamfer

Ring Axial Sintered Neodymium Magnet for Pneumatic Cylinder

Epoxy Plated Ring Axial Neodymium Magnets for Sensors

Shuttering magnets of concrete products in precast concrete plants

Pneumatic Cylinder NdFeB Magnet Ring Epoxy Coated

Pneumatic Cylinder Sensor Neodymium Magnets Ring Shaped

Pneumatic Cylinder Neodymium Ring Magnet with Epoxy Resin