Adhesive strong magnet is powerful Neodymium magnet with high quality 3M adhesive backing and a new, easy-pull tab. The neodymium magnet is Ni-Cu-Ni plated to protect them against corrosion and conventionally magnetized through the thickness.

Usually, the magnets exist in two versions per size – the A version has a North Pole face visible; the B version has a South Pole face visible (so the A and B versions will stick to each other). South pole or North pole of magnet can be marked with a red dot on the face for easy identification. Another solution is a magnet will attract to a ferromagnetic (e.g. mild steel) material, it achieves perfect alignment with magnet-to-magnet applications, but more economical.

The most regular adhesive is 3M 467 adhesive for this product, but if you do require any other adhesive like foam adhesive for your application, this will be also available. Also, we supply different packaging ways for this product.

Adhesive strong magnet is available in small DIY packs and also in industrial bulk packs for the printing and display industries. They are ideal for invitation cards, envelopes, folders, trinket boxes, jewelry boxes, musical boxes, fridge magnets etc. Simply peel off back on each mating magnet and stick in desired area and you have a closed card, envelope, folder etc.