Advantages Of Magnetic Separator

Magnetic separator is the most widely used beneficiation equipment in ore beneficiation production. It can also be used for iron removal operations in resource recovery, coal, non-metallic minerals, building materials, chemistry and other industries. It is used in hematite beneficiation processes. The removal of iron powder in the mine is an important hematite beneficiation machinery and equipment. The emergence of a strong magnetic separator solves the problem of the loss and waste of useful concentrate resources for different magnetic materials regardless of equipment. The magnetic separator can obtain higher magnetic separation efficiency and economic efficiency when sorting weak magnetic materials.

Advantages Of Magnetic Separator

Advantages Of Magnetic Separator

What are the performance characteristics of the strong magnetic separator? Compared with ordinary magnetic separator equipment, the strong magnetic separator has significant performance advantages, specifically:

1. The structure is simple, the energy consumption is more saving, the power consumption of the equipment is saved during operation, there is no excitation current when the magnet rotates, and the overall power consumption is more saving, especially in the dry magnetic separation operation, saving water resources, suitable for drought Use in water-scarce areas.

2. The production efficiency is high, the magnet magnetic system is an open structure, the magnetic separation efficiency is high, the processing capacity is strong, and there is no blocking phenomenon, and the operation is smooth.

3. The magnet has a longer service life, and the roller protects the magnet from direct contact with the material, avoids unnecessary wear and tear, and helps reduce production and maintenance costs.

4. The strong magnetic separator can not only extract the weak magnetic minerals but also magnetically separate the strong magnetic minerals, the taste of the concentrate, and the tailings recovery rate is low.

5. The dynamic magnetic system can cause the magnetic minerals to move on the surface of the drum, and the drum body will not form a sticky phenomenon, and realize the separation of materials.

6. The process flow is simplified, the operation is convenient, a lot of labor is saved, and the production investment cost is low.

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