Application and Development of Industrial NdFeB Magnets

NdFeB magnet is a rare earth permanent magnet compound composed of rare earth metal neodymium, metallic element iron, non-metallic element boron and a small amount of added elements praseodymium, dysprosium, niobium, aluminum, gallium, copper and other elements. Magnets, also known as magnets. NdFeB permanent magnets have excellent magnetic properties, light weight and low price, and have a wide range of applications. They are known as the “magnet king” and are the most cost-effective magnet materials so far.

A large number of traditional asynchronous motors used in the industry, when working, the rotor windings must absorb part of the electrical energy from the grid for excitation, and this part of the grid electrical energy is eventually consumed in the form of current in the rotor windings.

Application and Development of Industrial NdFeB Magnets

Application and Development of Industrial NdFeB Magnets

The appearance of NdFeB magnets has promoted the progress of human civilization and made great contributions to the development of society and economy.

NdFeB permanent magnets have a large magnetocrystalline anisotropy field, and their magnetic properties are more than 100 times higher than the magnetic properties of the magnetic steel used in the 19th century, 10 times higher than ordinary ferrite and AlNiCo, and more expensive than The magnetic properties of the platinum-cobalt alloy are twice as high, and its coercivity and energy density are high.

NdFeB magnets greatly reduce the size of magnetic material parts, promote the miniaturization, lightweight, thinning and high efficiency of instruments, electroacoustic motors, computers, mobile phones and other equipment, improve product performance, and promote The production of some special devices; NdFeB magnets have good mechanical properties and are easy to cut; their preparation technology is relatively mature

K8 Magnetic Sphere Joint Assembly with N50 NdFeB Magnet

KD310 Nickel-Plating Permanent NdFeB Magnetic Ball Fitting

KD732 Super Strong NdFeB Magnetic Joint Steel Ball

15 x 6 x 3mm Rectangular Extra Strong NdFeB Magnet N45M Ni

15 x 10 x 3mm NdFeB Magnet Rectangle N45 Ni

30mm x 5mm Sintering NdFeB Magnet Disc N45 Ni

12 x 10mm Disc NdFeB Magnet N45 Epoxy

15mm x 2mm Rare Earth Thin Disk NdFeB Magnet N42 Nickel

16mm x 3mm Dic NdFeB Magnet N45SH Ni

70mm x 40mm Large NdFeB Magnet Disc Round N40 Nickel

China NdFeB

China NdFeB