Only one of these 9 stones is magnetic, which is related to the purity of iron – Are Iron-Containing Ores Magnetic?

The large classroom in the park walked into the Chinese Kistler Museum in Wuhan. 15 primary and middle school students followed the fossil expert Wang Xiangbo from the Kistler Museum to do a small experiment to measure the magnetism of different stones to understand the composition of the stones; stone.

At the beginning of the activity, Mr. Wang Xiangbo introduced the composition and formation reasons of the chrysanthemum stone. Then, he did a small experiment for the students: testing the magnetism of nine kinds of stones, namely crystal, chalcopyrite, Lingyun ore, pebbles, iron ore, nepheline, sedimentary rock, siderite and barite. Mr. Wang Xiangbo introduced the ingredients of these stones one by one, first let the students guess which stone is magnetic, and then let them test whether these stones can absorb magnets, and finally measured that only iron ore is magnetic. Teacher Wang Xiangbo explained, “Although many stones contain iron, the purity is different. There are other components besides iron. If the purity of iron is not high enough, it will not be able to attract magnets, so it will not be magnetic.”

Are Iron-Containing Ores Magnetic

Are Iron-Containing Ores Magnetic

After doing a small experiment, the children experienced painting on the stone. The pebbles, the raw material of the “reproduced” chrysanthemum, were collected by Mr. He Jun from the river beach in Wuhan. She said that the tools for “replicating” chrysanthemum stones should use brightly colored acrylic paints, which are easier to paint than ordinary watercolors; at the same time, children should follow the shape of the stones and give full play to their imaginations when painting.

Zhou Xinran from No. 19 Middle School in Wuhan had studied sketching for three years, but it was her first time to draw on stones. After receiving the stone, Zhou Xinran was not in a hurry to get started, but first observed the shape and texture of the stone, and then decided what to paint. She said: “Anything can be painted on paper, but when painting on stone, the content of the painting must be determined according to its shape, so that the most beautiful work can be presented on the stone.”

The day of the event happened to be student Yu Honglin’s father’s birthday. He drew 2 blooming chrysanthemums on the cobblestone, and gave this vigorous stone to his father as a birthday present.

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