Are NdFeB Magnets Harmful To The Human Body?

Neodymium magnet (Neodymium magnet), also known as NdFeB magnet (NdFeBmagnet), is a tetragonal crystal structure produced by neodymium, iron, and boron (Nd2Fe14B). In 1982, Sagawa real-life version of Sumitomo’s unique metal material discovered neodymium magnets. The magnetic energy product (BHmax) of this type of magnet exceeded that of samarium cobalt magnets, and it was the chemical substance with the largest magnetic energy product in the world at that time. After that, Sumitomo’s unique metal materials have successfully developed the powder metallurgy process, and General Motors of the United States has successfully developed the melt-spinning process, which can produce NdFeB magnets. This type of magnet is a permanent magnet that is second only to absolute zero holmium magnets today, and it is also the easiest to use rare earth magnets. NdFeB magnets are widely used in electronic equipment, such as computer hard drives, mobile phones, headsets and special tools for battery power supply systems.

Are NdFeB Magnets Harmful To The Human Body

Are NdFeB Magnets Harmful To The Human Body

But pay attention to several aspects when applying: when it is with magnetic strength, be careful not to get your hands caught; it is to avoid working beyond its operating temperature, each model is different; the NdFeB raw material is brittle and easy to break, so pay attention when applying Anti-drop. Harmless to human body.

1. NdFeB magnets can be divided into two types: bonded NdFeB and calcined NdFeB.

2. NdFeB magnets have the characteristics of small size, light weight and strong magnetic force, and are the magnetic field with the best function and price comparison so far. It is estimated that in the next 20-30 years, it is unlikely that permanent magnet materials will replace NdFeB magnets. The key raw materials for the production of NdFeB magnets are the metallic materials Nd, pure aluminum, boron non-ferrous metals and other additives.

3. The key technology in the field of NdFeB magnets is mainly reflected in the production technology, which is actually reflected in the symmetry, consistency, production and processing quality, and coating quality of its products.

4. As the raw material of the third-generation permanent magnet material, NdFeB magnets have a high function and price comparison. They are widely used in electric energy, transportation, mechanical equipment, diagnosis and treatment, IT, household appliances and other fields, especially with the The development trend of the era of knowledge economy, symbolized by information technology, continues to generate new main uses for new functional materials such as permanent magnet material NdFeB industry chain, which produces broader industry prospects for the NdFeB industry chain.

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