Are Permanent NdFeB Magnet Harmful to Humans?

Many industries need to use permanent NdFeB magnet for a long time. They are permanent magnets and have strong magnetic properties. The safety of use is also very critical. It must be operated by professional staff to avoid problems. But after all, such magnets contain a lot of rare metals, so many people worry that NdFeB magnets are harmful to people, and problems may occur if they are used for a long time. So is NdFeB magnet harmful to people? Will we have any problems with it?

Are Permanent NdFeB Magnet Harmful to Humans

Are Permanent NdFeB Magnet Harmful to Humans

In fact, from the medical point of view, neodymium iron boron magnets are not harmful to the human body, and such magnets are also used in medicine for magnetic therapy, as long as they are not in contact for a long time, you can rest assured, and We don’t need to worry about other issues. As for how to use such magnets, we also need to make an overall measurement. Before and after purchasing, we must understand the characteristics of magnets, and we must immediately master how to use them. As long as such NdFeB permanent magnet are used in accordance with regular channels, of course there will be no danger, and no one needs to worry.

The reason why we are worried about whether permanent NdFeB magnets are harmful to people, may not be very familiar with such magnets, in fact, the general magnets will not have any problems, as long as they are not in contact for a long time, so everyone can feel at ease . Different types of magnets have their own precautions for use, we must master the requirements and points of use, and deal with them in time if there are problems. I believe that as long as it is used in a regular manner, it is certain that there will be no problems with the use of magnets. It can be used correctly.

Sintered NdfeB can be found on the market with the name of magnets neodymium iron boron, or sintered NdFeB magnets. Neodymium is part of that category of materials known as “rare earths.” The name of the rare earths is not due to their concentration in nature but to the difficulty which occurs in the separation of these from other materials with which they are linked through chemical bonds. For this reason, it can be said that the neodymium magnets are not the cheapest but their magnetic force is among the most powerful, this power is found already in a magnet of few centimeters. What you need to do is look for the form most suited to you. We offer the following forms: disks, cones, rings, cylinders, cuboids and blocks, cubes and spheres. Even our self-adhesive magnets are versatile for many uses because they stick practically everywhere.

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