Auto-Shuttle Magnetic Separator

Automated cleaning magnetic separator for 24/7 processing

Magnetic separator ideal for dry powders and granulate
Fully automated, ideal for 24/7 processes
ASMS  approved versions available
Removes ultra-fine ferrous particles
Ideal for any vertical free fall process


Process protection for 24/7 processing lines
The Auto-Shuttle magnetic separator can carry out a full clean without the need to stop the process. The magnetic separation unit is supplied with a pre-programmed PLC that can either work independently or connected to the central control rooms system for remote activation or monitoring.

Reed switches are fitted to each end of the separator tubes to indicate the position of each magnetic core. The full system remains air tight throughout normal operation making it suitable for environments where ASMS equipment is required.

Also available are the Auto-Shuttle Double Row, Triple Row & Quadruple Row for higher intensity magnetic separation.

Auto-Shuttle Magnetic Separator

Auto-Shuttle Magnetic Separator


Suitable for magnetic separation of dry powders, granulates, flour, sugar and salt
Can be installed in any vertical process line
The magnetic cores remain in the process chamber until a cleaning signal is given. Then, compressed air is fed into each separator tube forcing the core to the other end of the unit. The contamination follows the core, which first passes through the product return chamber to prevent the loss of good product, and into the cleaning chamber where the collected contamination is deposited. The cleaning chamber is fitted with a transition piece, which allows a collection container to be fitted. It is this container that is removed to assess the collected contamination.


The Auto-Shuttle magnetic separator helps to remove ferrous metal contaminants and magnetic stainless steel particles down to micron size.
Designed to meet the demands of the food industry’s hygienic standards
Automatic self-cleaning, ideal for 24/7 operation
Suitable for control room connection

Magnetic performance: 7000, 9000 and 10000 gauss
Performance reading: On tube surface
Magnet grade: N35 & N45 – Inspected and confirmed via hysterograph prior to use
Temperature: -5°C / +40°C
Pressure: + / – 0.2 Bar

Magnetic material: Rare Earth Neodymium Iron Boron – (NdFeB)
Housing: 316 grade stainless steel
Tubing: 316 grade stainless steel
Sealing: Self adhered white foam
Surface finish: Brushed internally and externally to 1.2μm
PLC: Siemens

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