Automotive Magnet Assemblies

Automotive Magnet Design Solutions
MPCO Magnet understands the needs of automotive customers to design commercially viable product solutions that have reduced weight, reliable long term performance, lower emissions, reduced cost and higher efficiency.

Whether the application is for sensing a crankshaft position, through to magnets to hold a headliner in place, through to magnets for use in linear actuators, Eclipse Magnetics can design, specify, produce samples, send for customer approval and then mass produce to meet your automotive requirements.

Automotive Magnet Assemblies

Automotive Magnet Assemblies

We design to meet requirements for pull forces, torques, field strengths, shielding, temperature, sensor specifications, etc. Our magnetic solutions include weight reduction, miniaturisation, higher efficiency, greater holding force, improved pull versus distance, cost reduction and even reduction of rare earth material use.

Carbon reduction and increased fuel efficiency by miniaturisation with the possibility of better recyclability is what we will help you achieve.

With an unrivalled expertise in designing value adding magnetic solutions.

Types of Automotive Magnetic Assemblies
Examples of Magnets used in Automotive Applications
Magnets for Hybrid drives
Magnets for Direct drives
Magnets for Linear actuators
Magnets for PM Generator rotor assemblies
Magnets for Position sensors
Magnets for Rotational angle sensors
Magnets for Speed sensors
Magnets for Power steering
Magnets for Electric vehicles
Loadspace magnets
Headliner magnets
Sun visor magnets
Glovebox magnets
Magnets for Loudspeakers
Magnets for Motors
Magnets for Generators, alternators
Automotive Applications Diagram

Automotive Applications Diagram

Automotive Applications Diagram

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Halbach Array Assemblies for Brushless DC Motor

Halbach Cylinders & Planar Arrays Magnetic Rotor Assemblies

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