Automotive Magnets

At first glance, it may not look like it, but magnets are increasingly used in a wide variety of areas of the automotive industry. Not only on the production lines, but also in the car itself: in loudspeakers, ABS systems, windscreen wipers or in the door lock, magnets can be used everywhere.

Magnets as accessories for your car
Neodymium magnets are particularly popular because with a small size they obtain an extreme adhesive force. This property is particularly advantageous in electric motors, for example, or in other parts of the car where there is not much space, but high performance is required.

Ferrite magnets were used in the beginning, but neodymium magnets are gaining strength due to their resistance and are the most used magnets for the automotive sector. However, you should ensure that they have a certain alloy, depending on where you want to use them, otherwise they are more susceptible to corrosion and other external factors.Automotive magnets

Permanent magnets as tools for car manufacturing
Magnets are used in production lines in the automotive sector. They are particularly often used to avoid production downtime and to remove disruptive iron particles and other magnetic particles from circulation to ensure a high quality end product. For the manufacturer it is a saving of time and money.

Automotive Magnets

Automotive Magnets

The personalization of the cars by means of magnets
Finally, magnets are not only used in the industrial sector such as automotive, but also for the end user. There are different types of magnets that offer numerous applications to personalize the car and adapt it for your own use. For example, window covers can be attached with magnetic buttons. The navigation device can also be easily connected to the driver’s area using a magnetic mount, so that it is held securely and does not slip while driving.

The magnetic solution is also used in marketing when it comes to placing advertising messages on cars effectively and economically. This guarantees a wide range, as it is a mobile advertising space and the magnetic films used here are easy to attach and remove. The advertising message can be changed at any time.

Magnets are an integral part of the automotive sector. Regardless of whether it is industrial or private, the magnet is an integral part of our car. If you have any questions on the subject or would like more information on the right magnets for use in the car, please do not hesitate to contact our specialist staff.

Industrial Magnets

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