Bicycle Speed Meter Induced Magnets

MPCO magnetic assemblies, like speed meter induced magnet including stainless steel housing and strong neodymium disc magnet.
neodymium permanent magnetic assembly with steel housing

Bicycle Speed Meter Induced Magnets

Bicycle Speed Meter Induced Magnets

NdFeB permanent magnet
Grade of magnets: M, H, SH, UH, EH and AH
Surface treatment/coating: Zinc, Nickel, Epoxy, Au and etc
Shape of magnet: Circular, Ring, Semi-circular, Square, Rectangle, Trapezoid, Segment and Oval.
Further process: Straight hole drilling, Countersunk drilling, Punch holes, Round holes, Square holes, Slotting and Spray painting.

Need to be known for enquiry and order of magnetic assembly
To enable us to cooperate more effectively with your work, we need you to confirm and reply the following items before ordering

—Magnet and metal/plastic/nylon/rubber etc. – The type of material? The grade or magnetic performance of magnet?
—Sizes and dimensional tolerance of magnet and other parts?
—Surface treatment?
—Order quantity?
—To be supplied in magnetized or un-magnetized condition?
—Maximum working temperature of magnet’s working environment?

Please advise if any special treatment is required.
The product picture is for reference only, the actual specification and performance are subject to customers’ requirements.

Welcome your enquiry and order of permanent magnets and magnetic assembly. Thank you

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