Bladeless Fan BLDC Motor Magnets

The Bladeless Fan BLDC Motor(24V), designed for a famous fan brand, provides the ideal flow for fan, with long life, low noise and other advantages.Power Motor has a mature Engineering customization platform and experienced engineers to provide huge various motor sample data for reference, customed motor solutions for your engineering project quickly.

Cutomizable Motor Solution for Bladeless Fan Motor for home appliance

Bladeless Fan BLDC Motor Specification

Bladeless Fan BLDC Motor Advantage
•Long Life
•Low Noise

Bladeless Fan BLDC Motor Magnets

Bladeless Fan BLDC Motor Magnets

4.Customizable Conbinations: Precision Gearboxs, Driver or Controller,Encoders
Power Motor provides more than 80,000 kinds of Brusheless DC Motor(BLDC) application data for customers to select or reference, and with high-performance driver or controller, a specific reduction ratio precision gearbox( planetary, worm, spur and helical) or the corresponding encoder, rapid integration and design of BLDC Motor Solutions that meet or exceed customer needs. Our BLDC Motors are fully used in the fields of household appliances, automation, medical healthcare, precision instrument and power tools, such as: blender, coffee machine, vacuum cleaner, Robot, etc.

Maintaining Your
Preferred Temperature
with Intelligent Automatic Sensor
With the intelligent automatic sensor, the product takes the shortest time to arrive at the preset temperature precisely and turns off the heat, so it is most energy-efficient and saving electricity.
Highest Standard
Direct Current Brushless Motor
Equipped with the highest quality Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motor and magnetic field sensing elements, the is more stable, durable, energy-efficient and silent. In Cool Mode, the operating power can be low as 30W, with noise level at only 56 decibels, giving you the most comfortable and peaceful sleep. Bladeless Fan BLDC Motor Magnets
Slim & Sleek Patented Design
Space-Saving & Matches Your Décor
This Heater & Fan exemplifies the best modern design; the slender and streamlined design is patented. The SlimTower hardly takes up any space, its 29 cm base can fit into tight corners. Chic black with aluminum air outlet, it is stylish and goes well with any décor. Bladeless Fan BLDC Motor Magnets

Ferrite or Ceramic Magnets used in Magnetic Motor Applications
Although they offer low energy compared to rare earth magnets, ferrite magnets have won wide acceptance due to their strong resistance to demagnetization, exceptional corrosion resistance and low price. It is the most common magnet used in most types of DC electric motors.

Operating temperature: Maximum operating temperature for a ceramic magnet is 250°C. Although you will experience magnetic losses when operating at elevated temperatures, the losses are recovered when the material is brought down to normal ambient temperature. However, operating in very cold temperatures (-20°C) can result in permanent losses of magnetic strength unless the circuit has been designed for such extremes. Bladeless Fan BLDC Motor Magnets
Corrosion: Ceramic magnets offer good corrosion resistance and generally do not require a coating or plating.

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