Bonded Nd-Fe-B Magnets

Bonded Nd-Fe-B magnet have very high dimensional accuracy, magnetic uniformity and consistency. It can be made into complex shapes which are difficult to be realize on sintered Nd-Fe-B magnet, and it is easy to integrate with other metal or plastic parts. Bonded Nd-Fe-B magnet is characterized by a variety of magnetization methods, low eddy-current loss and strong corrosion resistance.

Easy integrated forming

Various magnetizing patterns

Good magnetic uniformity

Strong corrosion resistance

Bonded NdFeB magnets are mainly used in the industry of information technology such as in computer hard disk drive and optical disk drive, printer / copier motor and magnetic roller, energy saving home appliances, consumer electronics and control components. Their applications for micro motors and sensors for new energy automobiles are gradually becoming new mainstream markets.

Power tools

Printer (Extrusion molding)

Vibration motors

HDD Spindle motors

Bonded Nd-Fe-B Magnets

Bonded Nd-Fe-B Magnets

MPCO is capable of suppling extrusion molded NdFeB bonded magnets by unique process to customers. Advantages of extrusion molded Nd-Fe-B bonded magnets are listed as below:
Magnets are continuously extruded to keep the same dimensions and properties along the length. Taper is negligible.
Magnets of over 1 meter in length can be achieved. And one set of hard tools can make products of different lengths.
Extruded magnets have lower porous ratio and better corrosion resistance than compression molded ones. For certain applications coating is unnecessary.
Higher performance can be expected for less resin composition than injection molded magnets.

Sm-Fe-N magnet powders are produced in a similar way to Nd-Fe-B, except that nitrogen is introduced by heat treatment of rapidly quenched Sm-Fe flakes in a nitrogen atmosphere. These flakes are then mixed with a polymer binder and pressed or injected to make isotropic bonded magnets.

Magnetic performance of (BH)max=112 kJ/m3 is at the highest level in the world and has excellent corrosion and heat resistance, which opens the door to various new applications.


Material Powder
Provided by MPCO’s original manufacturing technique
Highest magnetic properties among all isotropic bonded magnets
(BH)max exceeding NdFeB bonded magnets, 98 ~ 112 kJ/m3
Excellent corrosion resistance
Possible to use without coating in certain application environment
Excellent heat resistance
Thermal coefficient of remanence -0.05 %/deg C ~ -0.07 %/deg C (-20 ~ +120 deg.C.)
Long-term stability
Better than NdFeB bonded magnets
Magnetizing field requirement
Magnetizing field required for near saturation is 2400 kA/m (30 kOe), which is higher than.
Technical support for magnetizing, such as multiple pole magnetization is available on request.

Taking advantage of higher magnetic properties and better corrosion / heat resistance than Nd-Fe-B bonded magnets, can be used for a variety of applications, such as immersible pumps, cell phones and sensors.

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