Can Gauss Meter Measure The Performance Grade of Magnet?

A similar topic about whether a gauss meter can be used to measure the performance and grade of a magnet is often asked by customers. Can a gauss meter be used to determine the grade of a magnet? Today, the magnet supplier MPCO answered this question.

In fact, it is impossible to accurately determine the grade of the magnet material by measuring the magnetism with a Gauss meter. An experienced technician can make a rough judgment based on experience. If you want to determine the specific grade of the magnet, it is necessary to measure and analyze the demagnetization curve.

Can Gauss Meter Measure The Performance Grade of Magnet?

Can Gauss Meter Measure The Performance Grade of Magnet?

Why do you say that?

Various shapes of neodymium arc segmented magnets

1. It is inaccurate to just look at the magnetism of the watch. The results measured by each person are different. Because the placement position and distance may be different, the value may be different. This can only be used as a rough reference. In addition, different brands of Gaussians are measured. results will be different.

2. For magnets of the same performance grade, different specifications, sizes, thicknesses, etc. will cause different Gauss values. Under the same magnet specifications, the thicker the thickness, the greater the surface magnetism (Gauss value) will be.

Therefore, it is generally difficult to judge the material grade of the magnet from the value measured by the Gauss meter, usually by looking at the magnetic flux.

So what can you judge with a Gauss meter?

Gauss meter measuring surface magnetism can roughly judge the quality of magnets. Magnets of the same specification and different performance levels have different surface magnetism. In addition, it can also detect which side of the magnet’s N and S poles are and whether it is a multi-pole charger. Magnetic (multiple NS on one face), etc.

The above is the answer to the article on whether a gauss meter can measure the performance level of a magnet, do you understand?

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