Can NdFeB Magnets Attract Pure Gold?

The strong magnetic energy of NdFeB attracts any object with a larger magnetic permeability than air, but in our daily life, only iron, cobalt, nickel, and alloys of these three metals can come into contact with objects with a larger magnetic permeability than air. Gold This non-magnetic permeability metal has zero magnetic permeability, so it cannot be sucked. If it is sucked, I am sorry to tell you that it is not pure gold.

Can NdFeB Magnets Attract Pure Gold

Can NdFeB Magnets Attract Pure Gold

Let’s talk about the principle of strong magnetic attraction by NdFeB:

Everything comes from the atomic structure of metals, and most substances are composed of molecules, molecules are composed of atoms, and atoms are composed of nuclei and electrons. Inside the atom, electrons are constantly spinning and revolving around the nucleus. Both of these movements of electrons create magnetism. But in most matter, the electrons move in different directions and chaotic, and the magnetic effects cancel each other out. Therefore, most substances are not magnetic under normal circumstances.

Ferromagnetic substances such as iron, cobalt, nickel or ferrite are different. The electron spins in it can be spontaneously arranged in a small range to form a spontaneous magnetization region, which is called a magnetic domain. After the ferromagnetic material is magnetized, the internal magnetic domains are arranged neatly and in the same direction, which strengthens the magnetism and constitutes a magnet. The iron attraction process of the NdFeB strong magnetism is the magnetization process of the iron block. The magnetized iron block and the magnet of different polarities have an attractive force, and the iron block is firmly “sticked” to the magnet. We say that magnets are magnetic.

Strong magnets have a force on all kinds of metals, but strong magnets are also divided into large and small. Paramagnets are slightly attracted by magnets, diamagnets are slightly repelled by strong magnets, and ferromagnets are strongly attracted by magnets.

strong magnet

Strong magnets Nickel-containing stainless steel can be (strongly) attracted to magnets. Nickel-free stainless steel (usually containing chromium) has a weak response to this iron and is not easy to detect. The latter has higher hardness because strong magnets contain chromium. The former is commonly referred to as stainless iron. A strong magnet suspends aluminum and copper with a long thin wire and keeps them stationary without swinging. Use a magnet to slowly approach aluminum or copper horizontally. Shenzhen Xingchuang Magnetics can find them. will be slightly attracted or repelled, so they are paramagnets and diamagnets respectively.

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