Magnetic Strips

//Magnetic Strips


CHANNEL MAGNETS When you need light to heavy-duty magnetic strength for automotive, furniture-building or identification applications, MPCO Magnet has numerous standard and custom channel magnet sizes to choose from. Our experienced specialists can also help you obtain channel magnet assemblies or flexible C-channel magnet rolls to your exact specifications. WHAT ARE CHANNEL MAGNETS AND WHAT [...]

  • Guide OF Flexible Magnets

Guide OF Flexible Magnets

Guide OF Flexible Magnets The term “flexible magnet” can be confusing. When most people think of magnets, they envision solid bars or pieces of metal. After all, magnets are defined by their ferromagnetic composition. They are comprised of a ferromagnetic metal — iron, cobalt, nickel, neodymium, etc. — that produces an invisible magnetic field. Nonetheless, [...]

  • Flexible Magnetic Sheeting Rolls

Flexible Magnetic Sheeting

Flexible Magnetic Sheeting Rolls with Adhesive, Plain or with Matte-White Laminate Flexible magnetic sheeting rolls are available with a self-adhesive backing, in plain brown or with a matte white vinyl laminate and sold in 50, 100 & 200 ft. rolls. Flexible magnetic material is extremely versatile and used for all types of consumer, commercial and [...]

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