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  • Electromagnets in Robotics and Automation

Electromagnets in Robotics and Automation

Electromagnets in Robotics and Automation In the rapidly evolving world of robotics and automation, electromagnets have emerged as a cornerstone technology, enabling significant advancements and innovations. These devices, which can be switched on and off to control magnetic force, play a critical role in various aspects of robotic systems, from actuation and manipulation to sensing [...]

  • Electromagnets From Healthcare to Transportation

Electromagnets From Healthcare to Transportation

Electromagnets From Healthcare to Transportation In a world where technology and innovation continually redefine the boundaries of possibility, electromagnets play a pivotal yet often underappreciated role. Far from being confined to the realms of high-tech laboratories or industrial applications, electromagnets are integral to many aspects of our daily lives, from the healthcare we receive to [...]

Painted Mounting Magnets

Painted Mounting Magnets, Round Colored Magnets Red Painted AlNiCo Pot Magnets The standard painted Alnico Pot Magnet with a threaded hole has a 20.5mm diameter and a 19mm height,we also could make them as your design. Alnico Holding Assemblies are used in the area of gaugestands, lifting magnets, dial stands, work piece securing and jigs [...]

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  • Spreading magnets

Spreading magnets

Spreading magnets or Metal plate spreaders facilitate a safe and efficient removal of the steel plates from a pile. The magnetic flux of the spreader, generated by anisotropic ferrite magnets, penetrates individual plates causing that they are pushed away from each other. The gaps created between the plates allow removing them in an convenient way. [...]

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  • Permanent Lift Magnets

Permanent Lift Magnets

Permanent lift magnets are made for lifting and moving metal of all various shapes and sizes. These magnets speed up the process of moving heavy metallic objects by eliminating the need for more time consuming methods such as chain lift systems. Their electricity free design means that your load will stay in place even in [...]

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  • Magnetic Push Pins

Magnetic Push Pins

Magnetic Push Pins All / Gear / Magnets Magnetic Push Pins Hang up photos, posters, notes and more without damage using these cool new Magnetic Push Pins. These innovative push pins have two halves. One half features a regular needle that sticks into cork boards or wood and the other half features a [...]

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  • Precision Magnetic Assemblies

Precision Magnetic Assemblies

Precision Magnetic Assemblies - From large volume production of magnetic assemblies for the automotive industry to small volume highly specialized aerospace system components, MPCO Magnetics is your worldwide design and manufacturing partner for precision magnetic assemblies and systems. MPCO is a premier supplier of components and precision magnetic assemblies for the military, aerospace, industrial, automotive [...]

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  • Threaded-Bushing-Magnets

Threaded Bushing Magnets

Threaded Bushing Magnets The magnetic holders(Treaded Bushing Magnet) are special suitable to fix transportanchors with steel formworks. The used Neodymium magnets, in contrast to other available magnetic holders which had been used in this case, a very strong adhesion even at a small room. Deviation heights respectively diameters you get on demand. The thread-pins are [...]

  • Neodymium Cup Magnetic Assemblies

Neodymium Cup Magnetic Assemblies

Neodymium Cup Magnetic Assemblies, also known as Round Cup Magnets, RB Magnets or Magnetic cup assembly Round Countersunk Magnet. Cup Magnet can be used for a wide range of applications where a strong attractive force is required. Surface of round cup magnet is plated with nicuni surface treatment and have good anti-corrosion effect, thus it [...]

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  • Tips of Double-Sided Fishing Magnets

Tips of Double-Sided Fishing Magnets

Tips of Double-Sided Fishing Magnets Double-Sided Fishing Magnets: Advantages, Disadvantages & Eyelet Configurations! In recent years, magnet fishing has gained popularity among outdoor enthusiasts and treasure hunters. One essential tool for this activity is the fishing magnet, specifically the double-sided fishing magnet. In this blog, we will delve into the world of double-sided fishing magnets, [...]

  • Neodymium Magnets For Magnet Fishing

Neodymium Magnets For Magnet Fishing

Neodymium Magnets For Magnet Fishing One of the important accessories that you will most likely end up using while magnet fishing is a neodymium fishing magnet. These are excellent for magnet fishing because they are reliable and cost-effective. They are very strong and can be an excellent accessory for a ton of different reasons. In [...]

  • What Is Magnet Fishing

What Is Magnet Fishing?

What Is Magnet Fishing? Magnet fishing involves using a large magnet attached to a rope to search bodies of water such as the ocean, lakes, rivers and canals to find magnetic treasures. The magnet is thrown into the water to see what lies underneath and become connected to the magnet. When the magnet has latched [...]

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