Magnetic Chucks

//Magnetic Chucks
  • Electro Permanent Magnet (EPM) MAG and DEMAG

Electro Permanent Magnet (EPM)

Electro Permanent Magnet (EPM) is the newest technology, featuring 95% energy saving and totally safety compared with traditional electromagnet method. Only needs power during MAG and DEMAG periods. During working, no power supply is required. Driven by magnetism, MPCO’s magnetic solutions encompass a wide range of industrial sectors, including magnetic lifting system, magnetic clamping system, [...]

  • Magnetic V Block

Magnetic V Block

Magnetic V Block MPCO is manufacturing a wide range of premium quality Magnetic V Block that are highly acclaimed by the customers for its high performance efficiency, easy installation, high strength and more. Apart from this, these are used for various applications such as drilling, milling, grinding and many more. Furthermore, V Blocks is designed [...]

  • Magnetic Clamping Devices

Magnetic Clamping Devices

Magnetic Clamping Devices Magnetic clamping devices such as magnetic chucks, rotary chucks and blocks are used in all sectors of metalworking. When grinding, milling, eroding and in metrology, magnetic clamping devices have proven daily by high precision, distortion-free clamping and durability. In the following overview you will find a wide range of magnetic clamping devices [...]

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