Ceramic Ferrite Industrial Rectangular Magnets

In fact, the ferrite block is the closest product to a magnet. The magnet itself is an irregular shape. The square has not been processed much or has been slightly processed into a square ferrite block.

The main components of non-metallic magnetic materials are iron oxide, copper oxide, zinc oxide, etc.

A ferrite material is a NiCuZn-based ferrite material containing predetermined amounts of iron oxide, copper oxide, zinc oxide, and nickel oxide as main components, and a predetermined amount of bismuth oxide, silicon oxide, and magnesium oxide as auxiliary components , cobalt oxide to form a ferrite material, so it can provide a NiCuZn-based ferrite material with extremely good temperature characteristics (small change rate of magnetic permeability with respect to temperature change), high quality factor Q, and high strength

The magnetization method of this product: the default thickness is magnetized. If you don’t need magnetization or have other magnetization requirements, you can contact us as soon as possible, and you must confirm it with us in advance, and our family supports it for free. (If it is customized, it does not support free samples.) Kindly remind: Hesitant magnets are fragile and relatively heavy. Now violent express delivery will be more serious. It is normal for bumps and corners to fall off. Oh, a big impact.

Ceramic Ferrite Industrial Rectangular Magnets

Ceramic Ferrite Industrial Rectangular Magnets

Qualities of Ceramic Ferrite Industrial Magnets
An important peculiarity of our ceramic ferrite industrial magnets is its water resistance, being obtained from oxides. Furthermore, its coercive force dependence is very peculiar as it is increasing until 180 °C, on the contrary of all other hard magnetic materials for which coercive force strongly decreases over room temperature.

Due to this special property, we emphasize here that special care must be taken at temperatures lower than RT. Permanent ferrite magnets can be applied in a very wide range of products including:

electric motors
sensor systems
holding systems

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