Choosing the Right Magnetic Separator

Choose the right magnetic separator for your application, MPCO Magnetics prides itself on offering a large range of solutions. To help choose the best solution for your application, consider the following points, and also read our Magnetic Separator Selection Guide.

Choosing the Right Magnetic Separator

1. Types of metal contamination
The first thing to consider is the type of metal contamination. Is it primary contamination, usually larger pieces of stray metal such as nuts, bolts or screws? Does it deal with secondary pollution, usually fine particles such as stainless steel particles from equipment wear and tear?

2. Process feed method
The next thing to consider is how to transport the product in the process. Is it gravity feeding or free fall feeding, pneumatic conveying, mechanical conveying or pressure pipe feeding?

3. Process flow
It is also important to consider the volume of product passing through the process line as this affects the design, size and functional characteristics of the metal separator. Usually expressed in cubic meters per hour.

4. Cleaning method
Separators need to be cleaned using a cleaning method appropriate to the overall process. We offer automatic cleaning units for 24/7 production lines, manual cleaning units for equipment that can be shut down, or add a bypass separator.

5. Material flow characteristics
Different materials have different flow patterns, and the flow pattern affects the choice of metal separator. It can be a dry free-flowing material, powder, pellets, granules, wet viscous solution, or even a wet product that tends to form lumps.

6. Working temperature
Extreme temperatures can affect the performance of magnetic separators. It is important to know the operating temperature when purchasing a separator

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