Compact Wheeled Push Type Magnet With Quick Clean Off Sleeve! magnetic sweeper

In addition to being perfect for home owners and light users, the Scape is also a favorite of roofers who want a light weight but effective tool.

The Scape is light enough to easily pick up by one side of the lower “Y handle and hold over a bin with one hand while you snap the Quick Clean Off Sleeve off.

Compact Wheeled Push Type Magnet

Compact Wheeled Push Type Magnet

Once cleaned off the sleeve pops back on very quickly and easily and you’re ready to go again. The Scape also fits nicely behind the seat of a pickup truck.

Maximum lifting height of 3 ¾” using a two and a half inch nail.

“Wrap Around” feature holds onto nails and debris even if grass tries to wipe it off.

Light weight, easy to lift and handle, magnetic sweeper.
No need to compromise just because you’re a homeowner or occasional user.

The Scape is a light weight easy to handle magnetic sweeper.

It also comes standard with features such as a Quick Clean Off Sleeve, height adjustability, and “Wrap Around” feature.

The maximum lifting height for the sweeper is 3 and 3/4 inches.