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The Shuttering Magnet also named precast concrete Magnetic Box are made of super strong neodymium magnetic system inside of the steel case. It can be activated by simply pressing down the button by the hand or foot. To deactivate them, the magnets are easily released by release lever (to pull the button on). In the inactive position, the shuttering magnets can be easily removed from the table form.

Magnet Release Levers are available for all models of Push-button Magnets and for U-shape magnets.
This lifting tool is for shuttering magnets of our line, it is strong available for all our shuttering magnets.
With this tool,it is convenient for you to use our shuttering magnets freely and help you out from awkward hand power.

Concrete Magnet Lever

Concrete Magnet Lever

Carbon Steel Concrete Magnet Pry Bar – A magnet lifting lever is a tool to remove Shuttering Magnet Box, made up of carbon steel. This magnet lifting lever could match the handle. Push the steel bar and pry up the magnet box. Using this Concrete Magnet crowbar is very simple, There is a semi circular shaped hole to catch the handle that is welded with the big Block Magnet which suspense in the steel house. The opposite position is a support point and craw bar becomes a lever,to illustrate the law of lever is the basic principle of this crowbar.Someone need to down press the crowbar which will produce a huge force to pull up the magnet.

A concrete magnet crowbar is a tool that for remove the concrete magnet box, while someone need to remove the concrete magnet box, It is impossible to pull up the handle only rely on man`s hands strength as it need at least 1000 LB of pull strength.
This concrete magnet crowbar is made of carbon steel which is good toughness and hardness. The surface is spray paint treatment thus it could prevent the steel from corrosion.

We can make different type with customs requirement Shuttering Magnet Levers.

Precast Concrete Magnetic Boxes 900-3100 kgf

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Precast Concrete Magnetic System

Pre-cast Concrete Shutter Magnet 2100KG

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