Custom Magnetic Solutions

Custom Magnetic Solutions

We are the perfect partner for innovative businesses looking to maximise performance, improve design and reduce costs. We have the expertise to tackle the most challenging of magnetic applications, working with clients to understand their project, then designing, developing and producing a value adding magnetic solution.

Having the full package of magnet design services in-house gives us full control over costs and planning, thereby ensuring we deliver projects on time and within budget.

Custom Magnetic Solutions

Custom Magnetic Solutions

Typical magnetic applications

Our magnetic technology, including custom magnet design, can be applied to a vast range diverse applications. Typical examples are listed below:
• Magnets for motor assemblies for motors and generators
• Magnets for loudspeakers
• Magnetic pump couplings
• Halbach arrays
• Mass spectrometers
• Magnetic clamping assemblies
• Magnets for sensing and switching assemblies
• Position sensing (rotary and linear) magnets
• Linear actuators
• Magnets for hard drives
• Door security magnets
• Magnetic couplings
• Magnetic levitation systems
• Magnets for security tag removal systems

Ensuring the right material for your project

We offer a comprehensive range of material types and can recommend the optimum choice for your application:
• NdFeB Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets
• SmCo Samarium Cobalt Magnets
• FeCrCo Iron Chrome Cobalt Magnets
• Ferrite/Ceramic Magnets
• Alnico Magnets
• Compression Bonded Magnets
• Injection Moulded Magnets
• Flexible Magnets
• Soft ferrites (transformer ferrite)
• Powdered irons
• Electromagnets
• Magnetic assemblies

We provide a range of in-house value adding resources and services:
• Magnet design consultation
• Prototyping and validation
• 3D CAD design
• 3D FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
• Field testing and monitoring
• Magnetic stabilisation
• Micron accurate machining
• Rotor balancing
• Mechanical and magnetic testing
• “Just in time” delivery and stock holding

Custom Magnetic Solutions

Threaded Pin Holding Magnets

Permanent Lift Magnets

Spreading magnets

Taxi Sign Mounting Magnets

Round Base Magnetic Holding Device

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Magnetic Solutions

Seeking Custom Magnets or Magnet Solutions?

MPCO Magnetics can design magnetic solutions for customer, and offer decades of experience and technology leadership along with the industry’s most extensive investment in engineering and tools to help our partners and customers achieve the most demanding application requirements.

MPCO Magnetics allows us to bring the right technical resources to bear on even the most challenging of engineering designs. Our design engineers work closely with our process and manufacturing engineers at all stages of the design cycle, ensuring cost-effective manufacturability and advanced planning of fixtures, tooling and other supporting components.

MPCO’s expert team specializes in designing and engineering bespoke solutions to meet your unique requirements. Leverage our experience, technology, and innovation for exceptional performance and precision in your application.

NdFeB Magnet​

Debuted in 1983, NdFeB Magnets are the most powerful permanent magnets commercially available. They excel across various applications, including electronics, medical devices, and industry, offering unmatched magnetic performance and dependability to meet diverse requirements.

Ferrite Magnet

Also known as Ceramic Magnets, they provide a cost-effective and versatile magnetic solution. With their corrosion-resistant and stable properties, these magnets are ideal for low-cost applications in motors, speakers, and magnetic assemblies, offering consistent performance and reliability over time.

These are bespoke neodymium magnetic solutions with special shapes that cater to specific requirements and applications across various industries, leveraging the exceptional magnetic properties of NdFeB material, one of the strongest and most powerful magnetic materials available.
Tailored magnetic solutions are designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of various industries and applications. By offering bespoke configurations and combining multiple components with magnets, these assemblies provide optimized performance and functionality.
Laminated Magnet

Designed specifically to reduce eddy current loss in high-performance E-motors, Laminated Magnets are created by stacking thin layers of rare earth magnets, separated by insulating layers, to form a unified magnet structure.

Multipole Ring Magnet
Multipole Ring Magnet offers exceptional performance in BLDC motor applications. This unique magnet is available in two key magnetization patterns: Radially Magnetized Ring Magnet and Polar-anisotropic Ring Magnet.
Permanent Magnet Rotor Assembly

Permanent Magnet Rotor Assembly consists of a rotor core with strategically placed permanent magnets or a multipole ring magnet, ensuring a stable and robust magnetic field throughout the rotational motion.

Mounting Magnet

Mounting Magnets are compact and powerful magnetic solutions with a durable steel housing. Available in both Neodymium and Ferrite, they are ideal for versatile mounting applications, offering strong holding force and ease of use in various settings.

Magnet Motor Assembly
Leveraging our extensive know-how and supply chain in magnetic materials, we manufacture advanced rotor and stator assemblies for brushless DC motors. This expertise enables us to provide tailored, high-performance magnetic solutions that enhance motor efficiency and durability across diverse settings and fields.
Overmolding & Insert Molding Magnets
MPCO excels in creating durable plastic integrated magnets, focusing on overmoding & insert molding techniques and bespoke toolmaking. This specialized expertise allows us to deliver innovative magnetic solutions, tailored to suit a variety of industries and applications that demand precision and lasting performance.
Magnetic Formwork System

We offer a wide range of magnetic holder systems for production of prefabricated concrete elements. Magnets are available with formwork profile and integrated magnets (Formwork System) or as separate units (Magnetic holders, shuttering magnets), which can be attached to a separate wooden or steel formwork onto the casting table.

Micro Magnets

Micro magnets are small-scale magnets that exhibit magnetic properties at the microscale level. They find applications in various fields including electronics, medicine, data storage, and microfluidics. Their small size allows for precise control and manipulation of magnetic fields, enabling advancements in technology and scientific research.

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