Customer Questions & Answers of Adhesive Square Magnet

Question: will they stick to each other? trying to use them to keep a door closed and a drawer closed

Answer: Thank you for your question. We think for your project you are better off buying strong rare earth magnets (neodymium). They have a stronger magnetic capacity but are also more expensive. Have a nice day!

Question: Will two magnet hold to each other? Trying to hang up a dollhouse light

Answer: Probably will. Not sure how heavy a dollhouse light is but it holds my watercolor pans in place when i flip the tray

Question: Can you cut these into smaller pieces ?

Answer: Thank you for your question. Other customers have reported that this can be done with strong enough scissors. It is similar to cutting magnetic tape. Have a nice day!

Question: will this attach a corkboard to a cruise stateroom door?

Answer: No, not strong enough. Basically work to hang pictures on your refrigerator or magnetic board. And even then sometimes the “stickiness” eventually wears off.

Question: I would like to use these to stick a white board pen to the fridge do you think these would work? Are they flexible enough to curve with the pen?

Answer: Thank you for your question. The magnets should support the weight (you might need to add multiple magnets if it is a heavy pen. One magnet by itself can easily hold up to 7-10 grams). They do not curve around the pen. Have a nice day!

Customer Questions & Answers of Adhesive Square Magnet

Customer Questions & Answers of Adhesive Square Magnet

Question: Would this hold a notepad to a refrigerator?

Answer: Thank you for your question. This worked in our tests since it is possible to combine several magnets on the back of the notepad. It also depends on the weight of the notepad. Objects weighing up to 50 grams can be held easily by a couple of squares. If you are not satisfied, we will refund you. Kind regards.

Question: Are they good for holding basic 4X6 photos to fridge? Or larger with multple magnets?

Answer: Yes, with a 4×6 a magnet kn each corner should suffice.

Question: i would like to use two of these hold a name tag on, will two hold with as shirt between them?

Answer: Thank you for your question! The attraction between the two magnets is a lot weaker if you put fabric between the two. We have tried your use case ourselves and they stay put but it doesn’t give a very robust impression (walking around might cause them to fall down), therefore we recommend looking for stronger more expensive magnets for this purpose (e.g. neodymium magnets).

Question: I paint small to medium sized canvas boards. Will I be able to use these to turn them into magnets?

Answer: The magnets are about 3/4 inch squares – they attract each other on the sides. They are sticky on one side. I used them placing them in corners of signs I was posting on a metal door. To hang a small canvas, you may want to use more of them.

Question: what material are these made from?

Answer: feels like rubber , Don’t think the’ll scratch anything but don’t hold me to it only used it once or twice.

GOOD QUALITY MAGNETS: Objects weighing up to 50 grams can be held easily by a couple of squares. A postcard weighs about 6 to 7 grams. One magnet by itself can easily hold a business card weighing up to 10 grams. Magnefic!
GOOD QUALITY ADHESIVE: Adhesive lasts a long time. Be careful though to apply enough pressure when sticking it to an object.
PLENTY OF SQUARES: 70 squares allow for a lot of creativity. Under normal use of hanging various postcards and papers on the fridge, 70 squares can last you quite some time!
EASY TO USE: Peel of a square and stick it to your object of interest. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!
ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: Magnets can be used for sticking practical information or good memories on the fridge, magnets are behind paper instead of on top: a clean and clutterless look. Squares can be used for DIY art projects, they can be used for vision boards, to make your own fridge magnets, to hold up little iron objects etc..

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