Customised Magnets for The Automotive Industry

Automotive challenges
The automotive industry operates according to the Just-In-Time (JIT) principle. One of the prerequisites for successful JIT production is a reliable supply chain of suppliers that meet the defined quality requirements. It is important that they can respond to changes in prices, specifications and forecasts. This keeps the supply of parts, such as magnets, under control and prevents production line stoppages.

The automotive industry benefits from a strong network of suppliers that deliver on quality and reliability of supply.

Deviations in components and products
A small deviation in a batch of components or products has major consequences for the supply chain. Therefore suppliers must meet prescribed quality and manufacturability requirements. A supplier must demonstrate the ability to deliver a part to specification and with consistent quality.

Availability of magnets for the duration
The production run time of specific car models is known in advance. As an automotive manufacturer, you therefore want to ensure the availability of magnetic components over the duration thereof, so that you can be assured of timely and correct deliveries. With as little stock as possible.

Delay in supply chain due to low delivery reliability
Each magnetic component eventually enters the assembly process of an automobile manufacturer. A single delay in the supply chain can have a major impact on final production. Timely delivery of components or assemblies are crucial to meeting agreed delivery times.

Application of magnetism requires specific knowledge
Automotive manufacturers who want to use magnets often lack specific knowledge to perform complex magnet calculations. Magnetic fields are difficult to simulate and the interaction in a component or during an assembly process can cause unforeseen problems. This greatly delays development of new products or functionalities, causing you to miss crucial deadlines.

Customised Magnets for The Automotive Industry

Customised Magnets for The Automotive Industry

We are happy to use our specialist skills to help you
MPCO advises and supplies magnetic components and assemblies for various applications in the automotive industry. Combining our magnet expertise with your concept creates an innovative and fully functional end product. We are happy to advise you on shape, material, quality and manufacturability options. This is how we add value in the development process – from prototype and product qualification to production and quality assurance.

Full quality control with IATF processes
With our experience in the automotive industry and our IATF-16949 accreditation, we can supply you with magnets quickly and efficiently. Naturally, we will ensure that all associated documents are provided in full and on time. With processes such as APQP, PPAP, FMEA, CP, SPC and MSA, you are always assured of the desired quality. This allows you to focus on your core business.

Flawless delivery through input control with advanced measurement laboratory
At our measurement laboratory, skilled QA/QC engineers use state-of-the-art measuring equipment, such as a permagraph, Helmholtz coil, CMM measuring equipment and a 3D scanner. We are therefore able to manage both the magnetic and the mechanical requirements. With especially developed measuring instruments, we can even measure the layer thickness of a coating or the magnetisation angle. This guarantees you flawless components and saves you having to perform an input check.

Inventory management and product recall according to your requirements
At MPCO we are familiar with all modern logistics processes. This is not limited to transport and traceability. Our services include the right packaging for further processing of magnets. We keep magnets in stock so that you can call them up whenever you need them. Together with you, we look for the best possible stock situation, so that the logistics are perfectly matched to your production. In this way, we prevent delays in the supply chain and create appropriate framework contracts. Customised Magnets for Automotive

Simulation capabilities and application knowledge for efficient product development
Factors such as manufacturability, functionality, sustainability and safety determine the success of your product. For these design parameters MPCO has in-house specialists who will be happy to support you. Using an analytical approach, our engineers combine fundamental physical knowledge with advanced simulation software to analyse, verify or optimise. This gives you certainty about the function of a magnet or magnet system even before the prototype phase. Customised Magnets for Automotive

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