Development of Zinc Oxide and Magnetic Materials

In zinc-manganese ferrite cores, zinc oxide is the main raw material. In the production of medium and high-grade ferromagnetic materials, the high-end zinc oxide of the zinc oxide varistor grade produced by the indirect method must be used. The development of permanent magnet materials has promoted the scientific and technological progress of high-quality zinc oxide production. The special functions of nano-technology zinc oxide have once again aroused the research and development of nano-technology zinc oxide all over the country, but there are very few companies that can really produce nano-technology zinc oxide products. The scientific research of multifunctional zinc oxide and nanotechnology zinc oxide has finally promoted the development and technological progress of the zinc oxide industry. Under the overall goal of how to utilize resources, save energy and control costs, the market prospect of active zinc oxide is more suitable. In recent years, wet zinc oxide has been developed for a long time, and it is believed that this kind of development trend will continue for a long time. Current situation in my country’s zinc oxide industry Zinc oxide is a major branch of inorganic chemical zinc salt series products.

Development of Zinc Oxide and Magnetic Materials

Development of Zinc Oxide and Magnetic Materials

As a basic chemical raw material, zinc oxide has a wide range of applications. Due to the development of science and technology, many characteristics of zinc oxide have been re-understood by everyone. The characteristic function of zinc oxide has been developed and applied to new scientific fields and a new industry, and has become an indispensable important basic chemical raw material and new material in social and economic construction. For example, nanotechnology zinc oxide is called a new material in the 21st century. Zinc oxide is mainly divided into indirect method zinc oxide, direct method zinc oxide and wet method zinc oxide. Mainly used in plastic electronic devices, pharmaceutical architectural coatings and other industries, especially in plastic electronic devices and other industries, most of the high-end products use indirect zinc oxide with a purity of 99.7%; medium products are used with a purity of more than 95%. Direct method zinc oxide; most oil-based paints use direct method lead zinc oxide. The zinc oxide industry is a rapidly developing industry in the past 10 years. Ten years ago, there were very few companies producing zinc oxide throughout the country, and no more than 20 companies with an annual output of 3,000 tons. With the development of society and economy, the demand for zinc oxide in China continues to expand, which promotes the development of zinc oxide production companies, and the production capacity continues to expand.

From the analysis of incomplete data in the recent five years, the production ton of indirect zinc oxide has already risen to 30,000 tons; the large-scale zinc oxide throughout the country is the total production capacity of direct method zinc oxide, indirect method zinc oxide and wet method zinc oxide. It has reached more than 1 million tons/year (these production of low-grade zinc oxide are not within the statistical analysis). It is also an industry that is widely distributed, with a large total number, complex raw materials, and extensive management technology. However, the recycling level of zinc network resources has a lot of space. In the past five years, the production capacity of zinc oxide has often increased rapidly, especially the rapid development of indirect zinc oxide, which usually benefits from the rapid development of my country’s automobile industry and highways, power grids and their household appliances, digital communication systems and other industries. For example, radial tires need to use indirect zinc oxide. In the past three years, radial tires have developed at a rate of 25% -30% every year. In 2005, it exceeded 50% of the total tire output, prompting the rapid development of indirect zinc oxide. At the same time, the international and domestic permanent magnet materials have also developed rapidly, especially the production of ferromagnetic materials has become the world’s largest production capacity, and has become the world’s manufacturing center for magnetic ferrite cores.

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