Does magnet have radiation? Can it be placed at home?

The magnetic force of magnets on the market is relatively small and will not generate a large magnetic field, so the magnetic radiation it produces is mostly less powerful, and this radiation is mainly aimed at metallic substances, which is why magnets can firmly attract irons, etc.

It will not cause any harmful effects on the human body. In fact, in our lives, radiation exists everywhere, such as mobile phones, refrigerators, TVs, etc., but these radiations are within the acceptable range of the human body, and the radiation caused by magnets is the same. According to the survey, only magnets with a magnetic field strength exceeding 3000 will cause harm to the human body.

Does magnet have radiation Can it be placed at home

Does magnet have radiation Can it be placed at home

Daily cognition is that magnets are magnetic but basically have no electromagnetic radiation, and will not affect people’s health, so it is very safe to put them at home.

The magnet has adsorption properties to iron-cobalt-nickel-based metals. The magnets we use every day are not very magnetic, and this type of magnet is even good for people’s health. For example, magnetized water was popular in the past, so it will not have any impact on daily life.

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