Do’s and Don’ts When Positioning the Lifting Magnets

Ferrous plates come in wide variations of dimensions. But how should you properly place your lifting magnet(s) in order to achieve its greatest safety factor. Let’s take a look at 3 common scenarios.

When load is wider than the length of the magnet (the most common case):
Do: Place the permanent lifting magnet across the plate’s length to increase holding at possible point of peel.

Lifting Magnets wider-load-do

Load Wider than Magnet Length, Do’s

Don’t: Placing the permanent lifting magnet parallel the plate’s length does not maximize its magnetic attraction.

Lifting Magnets wider-load-dont

Load Wider than Magnet Length, Don’ts

For narrow plates (Width of load is less than the length of magnet):

Do’s:Placing the permanent lifting magnet parallel to the plate’s length can maximize their contacting area.Lifting Magnets narrow-plate-dos

Narrow Plate, Do’s

Don’t: Only a portion of lifting magnet’s poles are in contact with the narrow steel plate.

Narrow Plate Don’ts

Lifting Magnets narrow-plate-donts

For loads longer than maximum recommended length:
Do: Multiple magnets need to be connected by a spreader bar and springs, and positioned to evenly distribute load’s weight on each unit. Each case may vary depending on the steel plate’s dimensions.

loads longer than maximum recommended length

Positioning the Lifting Magnets loads-longer-than-maximum-recommended-length

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