China Educational Magnets Manufacturer

MPCO can produce many types of educational magnets for users.

Commonly used educational magnets are in shapes of rectangle bar, cylinder bar, U type horseshoe), sometimes to be used together with other special-shaped permanent magnets.

China Educational Magnets Manufacturer

China Educational Magnets Manufacturer

These kinds of magnets are usually manufactured in material of alnico magnets and ferrite magnets. Some small disc or bar magnets can be made by neodymium magnet material as well.

Educational magnets are mainly used in teaching experiments and demonstrating. As a kind of teaching aids or tools, they are widely used and welcomed in the popularization of science course of primary school and the physical experiments of middle school. These magnets can also be used in students’ stationery, Children’s toys and some other related applications.

In the experiments with magnets, children or students can feel the real existence and change of the magnetic field, and also learn about the physical characteristics of the magnets.

Moreover, it can mobilize the students’ learning interest, concentrate attention and stimulate their ability of thinking and imagination. Thus it is a great help and promotion for primary and secondary school students and children in understanding and cognition of magnetic fields. The magnetic field is harmless for the human body. Children may also learn to make of a compass by using repel and attract principle between the permanent magnet and the Earth’s magnetic field. It can fully mobilize and explore the child’s creative potential, develop diligent in thinking and a good learning attitude!

Neodymium Cube Magnets, Neodymium Magnet Balls, Horseshoe Magnet, AlNiCo Bar Magnets

The sizes of some commonly used educational magnets for reference:
Large size: Long bar of 170mm / 80mm U-type
Medium size: Long bar of 120mm / 75mm U-type
Small size: bar of 95mm /65mm U-type

Black Epoxy Coated Magnet Rectangular Block N45H

Teflon Coated Loudspeaker Ring Magnets N45

Black Epoxy Coated Ring Speaker Magnets N45UH

U-Shaped Horseshoe Magnets

Polishing AlNiCo Bar Permanent Magnets