Electrically Switched Electro Lifting Magnets SB950, SB500, SB200

The electropermanent battery lifting magnet SB 500 for a load range of 500 kg for flat material and 200 kg for round material. SB 200 for a load range of 200 kg for flat material and 80 kg for round material. With a current pulse of less than one second, the electropermanent battery lifter is switchable either by pushbutton or automatically. Although during transport of the load there is no current flow the workpiece is safely clamped as with a permanent lifting magnet. Up to 1000 ON/OFF switching cycles are possible before it is necessary to recharge the integrated battery using the supplied mains charger.

Electrically Switched Electro Lifting Magnets

Electrically Switched Electro Lifting Magnets

Electrically Switched Electro Lifting Magnets Application:

– For flat and round material
– For single operation or multiple on spreader beams
– For use on crane
– In mechanical engineering, tool manufacturing, plant engineering, steel construction, shipbuilding, steel mill, laser-cutting operation, transport company and material store

Professional advantages:

– No current flows during lifting (only a current pulse lasting less than one second is required for magnetizing or demagnetizing)
– Installed safety mechanism prevents the switching under load. The electropermanent technology (EPM) guarantees that battery lifting magnets remain solid clamped even in the event of a power failure. Accidental release of the load is therefore impossible
– Switchable by pushbutton or by automatic mode
– In automatic mode, the ON/OFF state is reversed each time the crane is lowered and the lifting magnet comes to rest. Operation time and therefore costs are reduced
– Minimal residual magnetism and fast switching cycles

Electrically Switched Electro Lifting Magnets Features:

– Small, handy and robust

Type of commutation
electrically switched
for cranes
Lifting force
Max.: 5,000 N
Min.: 0 N
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