Electro or Permanent Overband Magnetic Separator

When choosing electromagnetic or permanent magnetic overband magnet, we should consider the following points:

1. Material thickness: Electro overband magnet has a deeper penetrating magnetic field, which means it can be used to separate the tramp iron covered at the bottom in a thicker material layer. However, permanent overband magnetic separator has a shallower magnetic penetration depth and is suitable for thinner material layer, or used with magnetic pulley to achieve the effect of thicker layer separation.

2. Dimension and weight: From the appearance point of view, compare the permanent magnet type with electromagnetic type adapted for the same width belt conveyor. The permanent magnet type has a more compact structure and a lighter weight. In addition, the permanent magnet type does not require an individual control cabinet, which is the best choice for a limited space.

3. Cost: Since the core of the electro overband magnetic separator is the excitation coil, the cost will be much higher than that of the permanent overband magnetic separator.

Moreover, the electromagnetic type is usually equipped with a cooling system, including air cooling, oil cooling, forced oil cooling, etc., which makes the cost higher.

It is also obvious that the operating cost of the electro type is much higher than the permanent type, because it has higher power consumption when excitation.

4. Working hours: The continuous working time of the electro overband magnetic separator is lower than that of the permanent type. This is because the electromagnetic coil heats up after a long time operation, which will cause the decrease of magnetic field strength (unless with a forced oil-cooling), but the permanent type doesn’t have that problem (the demagnetization rate of MPCO MAGNET permanent overband magnetic separator will not exceed 5% in 8 years).

But everything has two sides. When we do not need the magnet force in some cases, but only run the belt conveyor, the advantages of the electromagnetic type are reflected. Because we can conveniently control the magnetic ON/OFF of the electromagnetic overband magnet, yet the permanent magnet type cannot, unless we move it somewhere else. Therefore, when the magnetic force needs to be switched frequently, the electromagnetic type is definitely a better choice.

5. Magnetic field strength: In the actual test, the field strength of electromagnet type is generally larger than the permanent magnet type. The maximum magnetic field strength of the forced oil-cooled electromagnetic overband magnet can reach 2500Gs, while the permanent magnet type can only provide up to 1500Gs.

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