Experimental Detection Magnetic Material

Remember the best way to remember the above three types of magnetic materials is to distinguish between iron magnets and other types of magnets. The iron magnet is permanent, while the rest is not. The difference between cigarette magnetic materials and antimagnetic materials is that the magnetic material is attracted by the field and the antimagnetic material is excluded, but once we remove the field, they will lose magneticity.

In our normal life, we can’t see the morality and anti -magnetic nature. This is because they are too weak. But we can make them magnetic by reducing other forces that hinders their movements. The first rushing force is the largest. So let’s start detecting the magnetic material (this small experiment must be done with the child):

Experimental tools that need to be prepared:

The liquid oxygen can be attracted by magnets, indicating that liquid oxygen is cooked magnetic.

The liquid oxygen can be attracted by magnets, indicating that liquid oxygen is cooked magnetic.

Small pot of water
One drop of liquid detergent
Strong magnetic magnets (iron boron magnets) or multiple ordinary magnets
A small piece of paper, wood or cork
experiment procedure:

In the small pot of water, drip a drop of detergent, which will break the surface tension of the water.
Put the experimental object you prepared in the water (not in the water, but on the water).
Close your magnet near the material (be careful not to touch it)
Your material should follow the magnet, or “stay away”, depending on whether the materials you are prepared are smooth magnetism or antimagnetic.
Did you see the movement of the materials you prepared? This means that it is magnetic! This experiment can be done with children, so that children can truly understand the magnetic properties of material, not that we have always considered absorbing iron and iron that we have always considered when we were young! Intersection Intersection

After doing this simple experiment, you must teach or remind your children about 5 things about magnets (he or she) should know:


Each magnet has the north and south poles. On the contrary, the two poles are attracted to each other, and the same two poles exclude each other.

Q2. Always two poles

If you cut a magnet in half, you will get two new magnets, each of which has two magnetic poles. You want to cut it as many times, but always get two poles.

Q3. Magnetic field

Each magnet is magnetic. This is an invisible field around the magnet, and the magnetic characteristics can be seen in iron dumbs.

Q4. Earth is a magnet

Our earth is composed of magnetic substances, and its performance is like a huge magnet. The southern magnetic pole of the magnetic field is located in the North Pole of the Earth, and vice versa.

Q5. Everything is magnetic

Everything is magnetic, and we can’t think of existence because we can’t see it. This is a view that it has been repeatedly confirmed in the history of science. This idea must be conveyed to the child!

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