Ferrite Blocks / Ferrite Plates / Ferrite Tiles

MPCO´s ferrite blocks and plates are suitable for a wide range of applications, for example induction heating, as components for antennas or for magnetical shielding.

Thanks to their particular flat surface they are ideally suited for building ferrite assemblies like transformers in the kilowatt range.

In version as ferrite platelet with a thickness of less than a millimeter these cores can perfectly be applied in the field of sensory technology.

The ferrite blocks and plates are available in our performance material BFM8.

Upon request the cores can be manufactured using high permeable ferrite materials BFM2k and BFM6k.

If you require any corresponding material specifications, please contact us.

Of course, the cores can be manufactured according to customer specific dimensions.

Tighter tolerances are available on request.

Version: Ferrite block / Ferrite plate (available as very thin Ferrite platelet as well) / Ferrite tile

Ferrite Blocks Ferrite Plates Ferrite Tiles

Ferrite Blocks Ferrite Plates Ferrite Tiles

Ferrites as Ferrite blocks / Ferrite plates / Ferrite tiles
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Delivery program
ELP / ILP – Cores
P-Cores Pot cores
Ring Cores (Ring core slotted or divided – also according to AL-Value – please request)
Double hole cores
Pot cores (custom-build pot cores for rotary transformers or the sensor technique)
Ferrite blocks / Ferrite plates / Ferrite tiles in one piece (individual measurements or special forms like slants, grooves, stairs et cetera are available)
Ferrite assemblies (e. g. as ferrite assembly for inductive charging technique)
Ferrite cores for the aerospace industry or the explosion-hazardous area (Selected components with especially high quality standard)
Rod cores Ferrite for antennas or transponder
Special cores / EMV material please send your request
Air gaps / custom-build ferrite cores All core shapes can be provided with an individual air gap, mechanical or according to AL-Value.
Ferrite foils

Ferrites – soft-magnetic ferrite cores (MnZn)
Ferrite materials
Materials Manganese/Zinc

Our ferrite materials  are ideally suited for applications in power electronics. These materials excel especially in a very low dissipation property at a frequency from up to 500 kHz.

We offer the materials   in a wide range of core shapes like: E, EC, EFD, ELP, EP, ER, ETD, EVD, P-Cores (shell cores), Planar, PM, PQ, I, U, URR, RM, toroidal cores as well as ferrite plate or ferrite block.

These power ferrites are being used in switching power supplies, transformers, chokes, as ferrite modules (charging electronic for electric vehicles, for example as ferrite module in inductive energy transmission) or medical technology.

MPCO For further Information about out materials please refer to the corresponding data sheets.

High quality ferrite components in small or large quantities at an interesting price.

If you have demanding technical requirements, and need precision and quality, then you have found the right partner in MPCO .

Large Volume Ferrite Cores

Manganese Zinc Ferrite DS Cores

DS Type Soft Ferrite MnZn Cores

Soft Mn-zn Ferrite RQ Cores

MnZn Power Transformer Ferrite U Cores

Soft Ferrite Cores Magnetic Rod Antenna Core

SCRC NiZn Material Ferrite Clamp Cores

DRnW Type Soft Ferrite Drum Cores

High-frequency MnZn Ferrite EC Cores