Ferrite cores with distributed air gaps

Lower losses due to distributed air gaps in ferrite cores

In order to achieve lower losses in ferrite cores, individual air gaps are usually inserted into the cores. This leads to a delay in core saturation.

However, large air gaps increase the magnetic stray fields and thus cause additional losses in the copper at high frequencies.

MPCO MAGNETICS offers the possibility of inserting distributed air gaps in ferrite cores in order to reduce magnetic stray fields and thus minimize losses in the entire component.

The distributed air gaps can be introduced both in the central leg as well as in the outer legs, which greatly optimizes the emission of the magnetic field into the environment according to the application. Distributed air gaps are available for the core designs E, ETD, ER, PM, PQ, RM as well as U and URR. Mechanically or according to the required AL value.

Ferrite Cores with Distributed Air Gaps

Ferrite Cores with Distributed Air Gaps

In addition to these common standard designs, we also offer distributed air gaps in customer-specific core versions.

We offer such large-volume cores for applications with high power requirements. These large-volume ferrite cores are available in our power material material offers very low power dissipation and was developed especially for applications with high currents. The frequency range extends up to 500 kHz – best material results are obtained within a working temperature range of -60° to 120° Celsius (- 76° to 248° Fahrenheit)

Large bobbins are available for many of our cores – please send your detailed request.

Customer-specified air gaps can be individually inserted in the ferrite cores.


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