Ferrite or Rare-Earth Permanent Overband Magnetic Separator

When choosing between ferrite or rare-earth permanent overband magnetic separator, we should first understand their respective characteristics:

What is a ferrite overband magnet?

Ferrite overband magnetic separator is the most traditional overband magnet, usually used to separate larger pieces of tramp iron, such as ReBar, beverage cans, large bolts, rods, etc. they are the more common permanent magnetic cross belts on the market. Its cost is relatively cheaper than the rare-earth type, but it has a deeper penetrating magnetic field. And it is usually larger than the rare-earth type and has stable and reliable performance.

What is a rare-earth overband magnet?

The emergence of rare earth overband magnets has given many mobile equipment industries a better choice, such as mobile crushers and mobile screeners. It satisfies the user’s requirement for “small space”. The rare earth type is usually made of neodymium magnetic material, which has stronger magnetic field strength and can separate the very fine iron impurities in the material.

However, a stronger magnetic field also brings disadvantages to it. First, the magnetic permeability of the rare-earth overband magnet is shallower, which means that when using the rare earth type, a lower suspension height is required. In addition, the rare-earth type cannot be used to separate heavy and bulky tramp irons, because a violent impact will not only damage the machine, but also affect the performance of the rare-earth magnet.

Ferrite or Rare-Earth Permanent Overband Magnetic Separator

Ferrite or Rare-Earth Permanent Overband Magnetic Separator

MPCO hybrid overband magnetic separator

As a manufacturer specializing in the production of overband magnets, MPCO has already thought about whether the advantages of ferrite type and rare earth type can be combined. After years of research and experimentation, we have launched a composite permanent overband magnetic separator, which not only has the advantages of deep magnetic penetration and low cost, but also has a stronger magnetic field and a smaller volume. We apply this technology to all of our permanent overband magnetic separators, so that you no longer need to consider the complicated problem of choosing ferrite type or rare earth type.

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