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Ferrite Radial-Oriented Multipole Magnetic Ring

Ferrite Radial-Oriented Multipole Magnetic Ring

Magnet for automobile industry is our most important product, we are the few manufactories in china that design and produced Ferrite Radial-Oriented Multipole Magnetic rings, according to the automobile features, we currently provide magnetic ring with hundred of different specifications for starter motor and window-rolling motors satisfying different customers needs, which are the leading magnet in China.

Sketch Specification(mm) (D*d*H) Number of magnetic poles Surface flux density(Gs)
Φ19×Φ(6-7)×30 2 1800
Φ15×Φ(5-6)×25 2 1700
Φ12×Φ(4-5)×18 2 1600

High efficiency magnetic ring is the core part of permanent magnet synchronous motors, stepping motors and DC brush-less motors, these motors are widely used in automotive, computers, electrics, communications, office and school equipments, and household products.

High-Grade Ferrite Radial Multi-pole Rings

Sketch Specification(mm) (D*d*H) Number of
magnetic poles
Surface flux density(Gs)
Φ35.3×Φ25×28 16 1800
Φ35×Φ25×28 16 1800
Φ30×Φ20×30 24 1700
Φ30×Φ19×28 16 1800
Φ28×Φ19×28 16 1800
Φ25.4×Φ18×20.3 24 1700
Φ25×Φ15.5×18 16 1700
Φ24.7×Φ10×18 8 2000
Φ23.4×Φ10.7×9.5 8 1800
Φ23.4×Φ10.7×8 8 1800
Φ20×Φ13×18 24 1700
Φ15.5×Φ10×18 12 2000
Φ12.2×Φ7×12.3 12 1500