Flames Are Also Magnetic, Can They be Attracted by Magnets?

Some time ago, a video was circulated on the Internet, someone used an electromagnet to change the shape of the flame.

As shown in the animation above, when the electromagnet is energized, a magnetic field is generated in the central gap, and the flame becomes short and thick. When the power is turned off and the magnetic field is removed, the flame returns to its original state.

Once the video was broadcast, netizens tried it one after another, and some simple versions appeared on the Internet.

Although the device is simple, we can still see the phenomenon that the flame becomes thicker under the action of two magnets.

So, what’s going on here? Could it be that flames are also magnetic? Before answering these questions, we first need to understand what a flame is made of.

Flames Are Also Magnetic, Can They be Attracted by Magnets

Flames Are Also Magnetic, Can They be Attracted by Magnets

Composition of flames

We have all learned in elementary or middle school classes that a general flame is composed of three parts: the outer flame, the inner flame, and the flame core. Among them, the temperature of the outer flame is the highest, followed by the inner flame, and the temperature of the flame core is the lowest. The reason for this temperature difference is that the composition of each part of the flame is different.

structure of flame

The main component of the flame core is combustible gas that has not yet had time to burn. Since this part itself does not start to burn, it will not actively release heat, and the heat is transferred to it by the inner flame and outer flame with higher temperature, so the temperature of the flame core is the lowest among all parts of the flame.

The inner flame is mainly composed of incompletely combusted gas, which can release part of the heat through combustion. The outer flame is composed of completely combusted gas and a part of violently moving plasma, which generates most of the heat in the flame.

The plasma in the outer flame is the main reason why the flame can be affected by the magnetic field.

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