Food and Pharmaceutical Industry – Magnetic Applications

Food and medicines are directly related to your health hence extra care is needed during there processing. The product stream, both in the pharmaceutical and food processing industry must be protected from being contaminated by tramp iron materials. There are wide range of equipments that can detect and separate metal contaminates to result in purified product stream. Products that are extensively used in these industries are as follows:

Bullet Separator
Bullet separators are efficient magnetic separators that are used for extracting iron particles from within a pipeline and gravity feed chutes. In bullet magnet system there are circular or conical core. These cores contain powerful bullet shaped strontium ferrite or ‘rare earth’ magnet. When the materials flow over the bullet magnets, the ferrous fines are ttracted towards the surface. These magnets are both easy to clean and install and are helpful in guaranteeing product purity and plant productivity.

Food and Pharmaceutical Industry - Magnetic Applications

Food and Pharmaceutical Industry – Magnetic Applications

Magnetic Tubes And Grids
Many food processing and pharmaceutical industries are benefited by the Grid magnets and tube magnets. Magnetic tube and grid magnets are manufactured from ceramic or rare earth magnets. Grate magnets are usually installed installed in hoppers, chutes and ducts to benefit mainly food processing and ceramic industry.

Magnetic tubes is capable of capturing any ferrous contaminants that pass through it. The magnets that are used for making magnetic tubes are Alnico, Ceramic or Rare Earth magnet material. As per requirement they are available in various lengths and breadths.

Magnetic Drum Separators
In high volume applications, Magnetic drum separators are used. From free-flowing bulk and granular materials, these magnets remove ferrous contaminants. The contaminated metal is discharged separately thereby making cleaning continuous operation. The advantage of magnetic drum separator is that it provides a larger operating surface thereby increasing the through put rate of materials. Due to its highfunctionality, agriculture industry uses totally enclosed drum separator for metal contamination protection in the feed of grain.

Plate Magnets
Plate magnets are normally installed within a chute or over a conveyor for the food and ceramic industry. They are installed to separate products from contaminated particles. Plate magnets have magnetic stainless steel poles and are usually constructed from a magnetic stainless steel casing. These plate magnets can be made up of neodymium iron boron or similar rare earth materials for specialized applications like the removal of fine iron from powders.

Magnetic Pulley Separators
Magnetic pulley separators are considered as one of the most reliable solution to the problem of continuous ferrous extraction from the product stream. Magnetic pulley separators are installed at the discharge end of a conveyor, as a replacement head pulley.