Hast Aging Test Chamber for Magnetic Materials

Magnetic material hast aging test box is also called high-voltage accelerated aging tester. The purpose of the test is to improve environmental stress (such as: temperature) and working stress (voltage, load, etc. applied to the product), speed up the test process, and shorten the product or system. life test time. Semiconductor testing: mainly to test the moisture resistance of the semiconductor package. The DUT is tested in a harsh temperature, humidity and pressure environment. If the semiconductor package is not good, moisture will travel along the colloid or between the colloid and the lead frame. The interface penetrates into the package body, and the common reasons for the failure to install are: popcorn effect, open circuit caused by corrosion of the dynamic metallization area, short circuit caused by pollution between the package pins and other related problems.

Hast Aging Test Chamber for Magnetic Materials

Hast Aging Test Chamber for Magnetic Materials

The test description of the magnetic material hast aging test box:

Used to evaluate the integrity of non-hermetic packaged devices against water vapor in condensed or saturated water vapor environments. The samples are placed in a condensing, high-humidity environment at high pressure to allow moisture to enter the package, exposing weaknesses in the package, such as delamination and corrosion of metallization layers. This test is used to evaluate new package structures or updates of materials and designs in the package. It should be noted that some internal or external failure mechanisms may occur in this test that are not consistent with the actual application. Since absorbed water vapor lowers the glass transition temperature of most polymeric materials, unrealistic failure modes may occur at temperatures above the glass transition temperature.

External lead tin short circuit: The ionization effect caused by moisture in the external lead of the package will cause abnormal growth of ion migration, resulting in a short circuit between the leads. Moisture causes internal corrosion of the package: the cracks caused by moisture through the packaging process bring external ion pollution to the surface of the chip. etc., into the semiconductor original, causing corrosion and leakage current, etc., if a bias is applied, the failure is more likely to occur.

Magnetic material hast aging test chamber meets the standard:

1. IEC60068-2-66

2. JESD22-A102-B

3. EIAJED4701


5. GB/T2423, 40-1997

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