High Heat-Resistant Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets

In order to lift hot plates from fire cutting table, we designed and fabricated High Heat-Resistant Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets which can work with loads of a temperature up to 500oF.

This lifting magnet device is composed of a control box EMP series and the main body. These tow parts are insulated by air gap so as to little quantity of heat transits from the main body to the control box.

As for the main body, all of the materials (magnets, insulator, filler, coil and electrical cable) are high heat resistant. There is a Temperature Sensor at the bottom of the lifting magnets. The sensor can trigger High Temperature Warning Alarm if the temperature of the lifting magnets excesses a certain value.

High Heat-Resistant Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets

High Heat-Resistant Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets

There are some other features same as our normal Electro Permanent Lifting Magnets, such as

Adjust Lifting Magnet Lift Capacities

Set the knob of “ADJUST LIFT CAPACITY” to “MAX”, “MID” or “MIN” in order to lift just one sheet from its stack a time.

Double magnetization of the lifting magnets equipment

After pressing the button of “MAG”, a partial magnetization is processed and therefore a partial lifting capacity is achieved. A few seconds after the Lifting magnet and the load are lifted from ground (or the hoist rope has a tension) a full magnetization is processed automatically and the lifting magnet then has its full lifting capacity. That means that if the lifting magnet is able to lift the load from ground with its partial capacity, it can safely lift the load after a full magnetization processed. In this way, the lifting operation should be safer.

Interlock between hoisting and demagnetization to ensure the highest lifting magnet safety
This industrial lifting magnets cannot be demagnetized while they are lifted, or the hoist rope is in tension.

Demagnetization with two buttons
To demagnetize the lifting magnet both “DEMAG” and “UNLOCK DEMAG” buttons must be pressed simultaneously to avoid any incautious actions.

Warning for insufficient lifting magnet magnetization or demagnetization
When the Partial Magnetization, Full Magnetization, or Demagnetization is not good, a continuous alarm would sound, and/or the light of “PARTIAL MAG”, “FULL MAG” would flash.

Wireless remote control
You can operate the machine at the lifting magnet front control panel, or at the wireless remote control.

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