How does Encoder Magnetic Ring See the Number of Poles?

The magnetic ring on the encoder is mostly made of ferrite, such as sintered ferrite, injection molded ferrite, and the number of magnetized poles is generally more. How to see the number of poles for the encoder magnetic ring? Some netizens have made difficulties. The editor will introduce to you the method of checking the number of magnetic poles.

The most intuitive way of observation – magnetic pole sheet, MAGNETIC VIEW  FILM

Some customers have samples in their hands, but they don’t know how it is magnetized. They want to know how to see the number of poles. This is easy to see with the magnetic pole observation sheet. It is the card below. Put the magnet on the back and it will show how many poles there are.

High definition magnetic pole observation sheet

How does Encoder Magnetic Ring See the Number of Poles

How does Encoder Magnetic Ring See the Number of Poles

You can choose to buy a magnetic pole test piece on the Internet or send the magnetic ring to the magnet manufacturer to help you determine it. It should be noted that not every magnet manufacturer has this kind of thing. Generally, the manufacturer of motor magnets will have it. Good to ask first.

The above is the relevant introduction about how the encoder magnetic ring looks at the number of poles. Our company has many multi-pole ring magnets suitable for encoders. You can tell us the size you need, and you can also customize the size without it.

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